List of Sponsorship Companies in South Africa


A lot of young aspiring entrepreneurs have acknowledged that running a business at its early stage could pose a difficulty. This is why most have tried to source for sponsorship deals to assist them.

Sponsorship deals are a good way to get support for your new business. it can expose you to so many opportunities that could translate to growth for your business.

However, shooting without an aim is not effective. Hence, you need to know the kind of company you can approach for sponsorship deals. This increases your chance of getting a positive result. This is why we have brought you the list of some companies that are potential sponsors in South Africa.

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Sponsorship Companies in South Africa

Sponsorship Companies in South Africa

1. The Coca Cola Company

The popular Coca Cola company is one of the largest sponsorship deals in South Africa. The company has sponsored a lot of events and projects. It has given back to the people through sponsorships and charitable grants. You have a good chance with the company, especially for sports-related events or projects.

2. AngloAmerican

AngloAmerican is also one of the top sponsorship companies in South Africa. It is a leading mining company and is diversified and committed to developing the community. You have a shot at the company for sponsorship deals.

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3. Blac Inc. Events and Communications

This is another company in South Africa that you are likely to land a sponsorship deal with. It is a South African company involved in events production and project management. It was founded in 1997 and involved in marketing, broadcast, and entertainment.

4. Uber

Uber is a popular multinational ride-sharing company. It was launched in South Africa in 2013. Uber is known to have sponsored some projects and partnered with a couple of local brands. Hence, you have a good chance of sponsorship.

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5. Unilever

Unilever is a transnational company that produces a number of consumer goods. the company has supported a couple of projects in South Africa. This us one of the sponsoring companies you can approach for a deal.

6. Disney Africa Media Sales and Partnership

Everyone knows the Walt Disney company and what it does. Well, this huge company has carried out several sponsorship deals with organizations and local brands.

7. Playmakers

Playmakers is a sponsorship solutions company that uses funding as a pan for overall brand marketing. This another company in South Africa that you can get a sponsorship deal with.

8. Battalion Communications

This is also on the list of sponsorship companies in South Africa. It is a sports and entertainment strategy agency based in Johannesburg. The company offers assistance for entertainment projects.

9. Business and Arts South Africa

Number 9 on this list is Business and Arts South Africa. It is a development agency. Here is another option for you.

10. ForwardZone

ForwardZone is a company that offers expertise and strategic solutions like corporate sponsorship and marketing to other firms. It is known to sponsor sporting events.


In case you have asked the question of how to get sponsorship for your business or projects, you now know where to look. If you have any thoughts or comments, let’s hear them in the comments section.



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