How to Fix DStv Remote not working


Having a faulty DStv remote can make watching your favourite channels on DStv very difficult for you. There are actually various reasons why your DStv remote control is not working.

It might be that the batteries in the remote may have depleted, or they were incorrectly inserted. If it’s an old remote, it is possible that the positive and negative terminals may have rusted.

Fix DStv Remote

Through this post, we will show you how to fix your DStv remote not working. Follow these steps to fix a DStv remote that is not responding

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Check your Remote Batteries

It is very possible that the set of batteries you inserted are not compatible and might not be able to power the remote control.

Also maybe the batteries were not well inserted, check very well. Make sure that the positive and negative ends should be on their corresponding ends on the terminals.

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Reset DStv remote

Having to reset your DStv remote can also help fix this annoying issue. It is possible that your DStv remote has been locked and needs a reset before it can start working again.

Follow the steps below on how to reset and unlock your DStv controller

  • For about 3 seconds hold down both the ARC and Standby, the remote lights should change to amber.
  • Keep on holding the ARC button as you gradually release the Standby. While stilling holding the ARC button, dial 9499.
  • During this process, you should observe that the green light blinks three times.
  • Now, release the ARC button to complete the reset process.
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Check the sensor

Another method you can try out is making use of your of smartphone’s camera. Follow the steps below.

  • Open your smartphone’s camera
  • The DStv remote should be pointed at the phone’s camera lens from about 25 centimetres
  • Press the menu button, after that the infrared light will flash on your camera’s LCD screen
  • If the light flashes, it means your DStv remote is working perfectly well, and the problem might be from your decoder’s remote sensor. But if the light does not flash, then you have to purchase a new remote.

Clean Transmission window

If your transmission window is not clear, this will affect communication between your DStv decoder and remote as both use infrared signals to communicate.

To fix this, all you have to do is clean the upper edge of the remote control and try again.


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