SuperSport Premier League – Channel, Guide, Live Stream & FAQ


The English Premier League which is often called the Greatest football league on Earth is available 24 hours a day and in High Definition on DStv’s SuperSport Premier League channel.

We’d be taking a look at everything concerning the SuperSport Premier League channel schedule, live stream, highlights and guide on DStv today.

SuperSport Premier League

Which SuperSport Channel Shows EPL Matches?

SuperSport Premier League is Africa’s premier football channel which brings you national and international football events. SuperSport Premier League has the exclusive rights of telecasting the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and other major soccer tournaments.

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Does SuperSport Show all Premier League Matches?

With their exclusive rights renewed, SuperSport network will screen all 380 Premier league matches every season live and in HD.

What Channel is SuperSport Premier League?

You can get SuperSport Premier League on Dstv channel number 203 for subscribers in Nigeria and South Africa, but it is on Dstv channel number 223 for the rest of Africa.

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How can I watch Premier League SuperSport?

The only way to watch Premier League is via Dstv. Those looking to watch the premier league have to subscribe for the Dstv packages on either of Dstv Compact, Dstv Compact Plus or Dstv Premium.

SuperSport Premier League is only available on the following packages: Compact, Compact Plus and Premium.


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