How to Pay for DSTV Subscription using Nedbank


Today, we check out the official tutorial on how to pay/subscribe/renew your DSTV subscription using Nedbank and enjoy a lot of channels football matches, reality shows, Zee-world and many others. It is fast, effective and stress-free.

Pay for DStv using Nedbank

If you bank with Nedbank, you can now pay your DStv subscription and top up your BoxOffice account from your mobile.

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Simply dial the following number and follow the steps to pay.

How to pay for DSTV via Nedbank USSD

  • Dial *120*002#
  • Reply 1 for login
  • Enter your profile number followed by your pin
  • Reply 2 for payments
  • Reply 2 for bank approved beneficiaries
  • Select debit account
  • Enter the first three letter of the beneficiary name (DStv)
  • Reply 2 for DStv subscription
  • Enter the statement description (you can find this on your statement)
  • Enter the beneficiary’s statement description (DStv reference/account number)
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Choose the notification type (this is for the beneficiary)


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