Summertide Teasers May 2024


Summertide is a South African television series about Martin Field, a marine biologist and father of two, who relocates to the idyllic False Bay area after his wife’s death. He establishes a marine conservation trust, hoping for a fresh start. However, hidden secrets and complex relationships make life anything but simple.

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Premiere episodes of Summertide air on M-Net on Sundays at 18h00.


Sunday 5 May 2024
Episode 15

A shark sighting sparks fear of great whites. Martin confronts Hannes, while Tristan aims to lose his virginity. Rebecca ponders marriage to Gavin. Jack struggles to trust Wilma.

Sunday 12 May 2024
Episode 16

Emily’s disappearance sparks shark abduction fears. Martin hunts for great whites. Rebecca’s love for Gavin deepens. Martin meets Lucy’s new psychologist, the charming Charlie. Wilma seeks marriage counselling with Jack.

Sunday 19 May 2024
Episode 17

The community blames sharks for Emily’s presumed death. Martin and Charlie show interest in each other, upsetting Lucy. Wesley learns Hannes stole his money for Yolande’s treatment. Gavin steps up for Rebecca, sparking a discussion on children.

Sunday 26 May 2024
Episode 18

A newcomer unsettles Rebecca, revealing old secrets. Lucy permits Martin to pursue Charlie, but his grief over Julia disrupts. Wilma abandons marital repair and seeks self-discovery. Hannes capitalizes on shark fears with cage diving. Yolande proposes a moneymaking scheme for Wesley’s surf trip.


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