The Wife 3 Teasers March 2024


The Wife follows the lives of the eight Zulu brothers, a powerful crime family, through the eyes of the women they marry. Each season focuses on a different wife and her journey within the Zulu family.

Premiere episodes of The Wife 3 air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.

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The Wife

Monday 4 March 2024
Episode 22

A Zulu Shopping Spree

It’s time to chop some money and go shopping as the Zulus celebrate their big score. Meanwhile, Mqhele is on a mission to make Hlomu’s restaurant launch a success.

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Tuesday 5 March 2024
Episode 23

Launch Night – Qhawe Must Die

Qhawe and Naledi cement their love for one another, but her father takes drastic steps to end it – once and for all. While Hlomu’s launch is a success, an uninvited guest has sinister motives.

Wednesday 6 March 2024
Episode 24

Mqhele’s Heir

A perfect night is ruined when Hlomu learns devastating details about Mqhele’s past. Meanwhile, Kgosi’s mission to kill Qhawe takes an unexpected turn.

Monday 11 March 2024
Episode 25

Saving Naledi

The star-crossed lovers suffer another tragedy, with Naledi fighting for her life in the hospital. Will she make it out alive?

Tuesday 12 March 2024
Episode 26

Out of the Woods

Naledi becomes stabilised and Qhawe is the first person she wants, much to her dad’s irritation. Meanwhile, Sambulo and Xoli have their first big fight over cheating allegations.

Wednesday 13 March 2024
Episode 27

Flirting with Danger

Mqhele becomes green with envy when he notices his wife enjoying the company of another man. Meanwhile, the men in Naledi’s life fall all over each other in competing to give her TLC.

Monday 18 March 2024
Episode 28

Five Tiger’s Betrayal

An ally sells out the Zulus, and Kgosi sets up a trap for his unsuspecting enemies. Naledi is traumatised by what she witnesses at the Zulu mansion.

Tuesday 19 March 2024
Episode 29

The Death of Sello

The Zulus are met with fire when Kgosi’s army attacks. Tshedi informs Sello that she is ready to be the mother of his kids, but Sello doesn’t make it home.

Wednesday 20 March 2024
Episode 30

Naledi Accepts Calling

Kgosi is only too happy to show Tshedi a video that shows Qhawe in a bad light. Meanwhile, Xoli is on a vengeful path.

Monday 25 March 2024
Episode 31

Kill a Leopard for Naledi

Love is in the air when Sefako sweeps Naledi off her feet, while Mqhele surprises Hlomu with a pair of diamond earrings.

Tuesday 26 March 2024
Episode 32

Hlomu’s Accident

The Zulu brothers march on Royal Thabeng once again in search of diamonds and redemption. Meanwhile, Hlomu’s drinking catches up with her and gets her into big trouble.

Wednesday 27 March 2024
Episode 33

Royal Thabeng is Sinking

There’s trouble in the Royal Thabeng as Kgosi has refused to heed a warning that has resulted in a tragedy. Meanwhile, Hlomu and Mthaniya are admitted to the hospital.


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