Admission Requirements for Law in WITS


In this article, we will take a look at the necessary admission requirements to study Law at the University of Witwatersrand (WITS) needed by a candidate before gaining admission in the school.

The University of Witwatersrand (WITS) is one of the leading Universities in South Africa and Africa at large and her faculty of Law is also one of the best faculties in the school.

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Being a reputable institution, the University of Witwatersrand receives thousands of applications from prospective Law candidates. This makes the Faculty of Law one of the most competitive in the whole school.

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Undergraduate Law Admission Requirements at Wits

Four-year stream

English Home Language OR Additional First Language
Level 6

Level 5

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Maths Literacy
Level 6

Wait-listing: Students who come to Wits immediately after Matric may apply for the four-year LLB. Applicants with an APS of 40-42, as well as English 6 AND Mathematics 5 OR Maths Literacy 6, will be wait-listed, subject to place availability.

Students enter this stream directly from matric. The four-year programme comprises mostly law subjects with several Humanity or Commerce subjects at the first-year level.

You must take certain core law subjects if you wish to graduate with an LLB. Other subjects form a set of electives you can choose from.

Three-year stream


If you completed a degree with no law courses, you can apply for the three-year LLB, which means you would start in the second year of the degree.

There are no Matric admission criteria because we consider your academic records from your first degree. You must have obtained an average of least 60% in the final year of an undergraduate degree to be eligible for the three year LLB.

Students enter this stream after having completed a bachelor’s degree without doing any law courses. Since they have had an opportunity to develop their critical and analytical skills in a first degree, they are equipped to deal with legal studies in an effective manner and may finish the LLB in three years.

Two-year stream


Once you have obtained a degree in BCom Law or BA Law, you may apply for the Wits two-year stream LLB programme. You will have to complete years three and four of the Wits LLB.

There are no Matric admission criteria, but you must have obtained at least 65% in the final year of the BCom Law or BA Law programmes offered at Wits.

Students enter this stream when they decide to complete a Wits BA(Law) or a BCom(Law) before entering the LLB. Since students are given credit for the law courses completed in the BA or BCom degrees towards the LLB, they can complete the LLB in two years.


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