Top 10 Advertising Platforms in South Africa


There are several online advertising platforms in South Africa. People know the importance of advertising his or her business. This is a piece of general knowledge but, most people don’t know how to go about it.

Advertising now comes in different forms and mainly just two forms. They include:

  • Online Advertising
  • Offline Advertising

Online advertising involves the promotion of an individual’s business making use of online platforms such as popular blogs and websites and social media. It is estimated that almost half of the world is online. Imagine promoting the business from the comfort of your home to about 3 billion people. This is the most convenient form of advertising.

Offline advertising is older and still remains the most popular form of advertising in SA. This involves the promotion of one’s business through billboards, newspapers, magazines and so many others. Even till date, it is still widely and massively used in South Africa. It is more expensive to advertise offline or in the traditional way than advertising online.

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There are several online advertising platforms you can very well choose from. I would also give you a rough explanation of how to go about advertising using these platforms.

Advertising Platforms in South Africa

Top 10 Online Advertising Platforms in South Africa.

1. Google Ads

I personally make use of Google Ads on my other blog. Google Ads helps in making your products to be seen easily by ranking, for example, your posts on the top page of Google. This can be accomplished without going through the necessary headache of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All you need is to pay some bucks and there, you are on the front page of Google or using Google platforms such as YouTube, Playstore and others to promote your videos or apps or whatever your business might be.

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2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world with more than a billion people on this platform. You can promote your business or ideas using Facebook Ads. All you need to do is set a target audience, the amount of money you want to pay (this will determine the reach of your ad). You can also promote on Facebook by creating Facebook pages or group and then posting your business ideas or links there. You have to be warned, it is against the rule to spam.

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3. Instagram

Instagram was acquired by Facebook some years back and since then, Instagram keeps growing. It is a platform whereby you can promote your business. You can advertise directly with Instagram or you can promote with popular pages. You can also create yours and grow your follower’s base.

4. Twitter

Twitter has been around for many years. In fact, many South Africans never knew the potentials of Twitter until recently. We have many Digital marketers with huge follower’s base that can help in promoting your products. Twitter is one of the most expensive platforms for promotions but it is worth every penny.

5. Popular Blogs and Websites

In SA, we have hundreds of blogs & websites that have huge daily viewership. Sites such as News24 do receive huge stats. You can always chat them up.

6. WikiSouthAfrica

You can promote your products and business under WikiSA. This blog you are currently reading is known as WikiSouthAfrica and you can advertise with us. Check out our Contact page to get started.

7. Free Classified Ads Sites:

Examples include, These are sites are known as free classified ads websites whereby you can put your adverts for free. They have helped so many South Africans grow their business by linking them with those interested in their adverts.

8. YouTube Channels

You can decide to contact popular YouTube content creators and run a sponsored ad on their videos. This will help your business grow a lot.

9. Online Newspapers

It is no longer news that most traditional newspapers are now online in Nigeria. From News24 to Mail & Guardian to IOL. You can promote and advertise with these online newspapers on their sites.

10. Browsers

Not all browsers allow for ads placement except for a few like UC Browsers. All you have to do is make contact with them.

You can contact any of the above advertising platforms that interest you and run ads with them.


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