Why Forex Affiliate Marketing is Exploding in Africa


Affiliate Marketing can be described as the process where affiliates can earn certain commission rates when they market the products of a company or an organization, in this case, a forex broker or provider of financial instruments.

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This can be done by joining affiliate marketing programs that are offered by forex brokers who are based on a global affiliate network and by ensuring that there are appropriate affiliate links on the website that will take users to the forex broker’s website.

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While participation in the forex market has increased drastically and rapidly over the past year in Africa, interest in affiliate programs has increased through millions of blog posts, Facebook pages, and across several other prominent social media platforms and social networks as people try to secure a passive income through this initiatives.

This allows a wide range of forex brokers to benefit from cost-effective digital marketing, allowing them to expand their affiliate network and increase interest in physical products as well as derivatives.

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As more African people realize what potential there is in making money with affiliate marketing, the more people start searching for opportunities to cash in, with many business owners dedicating space on their websites to affiliate sales and relationships.

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Factors contributing to the explosion of Affiliate Marketing in Africa

There are many reasons why affiliate programs have taken off across Africa, including these factors:

  • Widespread internet connection
  • Social media platforms
  • Opportunity to earn a passive income
  • Range of affiliate programs available
  • It is easy for an existing online business to partake
  • Affiliate marketing is the best way to reach potential customers

Internet Connection across Africa

Despite most countries in Africa being underdeveloped or developing, more internet service providers have helped to bring the internet into the homes of rural communities, connecting them to the online world where they are exposed to digital products, digital marketing, and other initiatives from companies worldwide to draw in more customers.

Through affiliate relationships, there are more companies advertising forex brokers services on their websites, allowing more forex traders to emerge into the largest financial market in the world.

Social Media Platforms

Most people who have an internet connection and either a laptop and/or smartphone will have at least one account on a social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, or several others.

The affiliate marketing industry has grown so much with advances in technology, that people do not actively realize that social media is one of the best affiliate platforms where a wider audience can be reached.

Forex brokers make extensive use of these platforms to spread the word about their products and services, using strategically designed advertisements that catch the eye of potential customers.

Passive Income

For many people who live in rural communities and underdeveloped countries in Africa, making passive income is something that will help to sustain their livelihood.

Affiliate programs offer many small online businesses the opportunity to earn a passive income by entering partnerships with forex brokers and other large companies and by becoming successful affiliate marketers.

This offers many people much-needed income at decent commission rates while the forex broker partakes in multi-level marketing that draws in more customers through both indirect and direct links on affiliate websites.

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Wide range of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are one of the simplest and fastest ways that people and businesses can make money online. However, many are faced with many challenges such as finding the program that will pay the right affiliate commission.

Successful affiliate marketing will depend on having an impressive portfolio of physical products as well as services that businesses can create marketing campaigns for.

There are hundreds of different companies that offer innovative and interesting affiliate programs that people can join. There are also many ideas shared by professionals on how to create the best affiliate marketing business by having other affiliate websites advertise digital products and services.

Easy Participation

Because there are many channels through which online businesses can either join or start affiliate programs, it makes it easier for people to participate. Once businesses have found their niche for affiliate marketing, they can easily start reaping the benefits once they reach their target audience.

Many businesses are using social media platforms to reach wider audiences whether it is a series of blog posts, videos posted on a YouTube channel, affiliate links on an ECommerce Platform such as Takealot, and several others.

The internet and advances in technology and connectivity have made it so much easier for people in Africa to connect to forex brokers either by trading or by reserving a spot on their website dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Potential Customers

Because of the vast number of people who are connected to the internet, it broadens the world for online businesses seeking more potential customers.

Forex brokers can easily expand their customer base by paying affiliate commissions to other websites, social media platforms, and other partners to advertise their unique trading solutions and services.

This allows for these brokers to reach more African traders as internet provision expands and improves in rural countries across the continent, along with other rural regions around the world.


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