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List of Agricultural Cooperatives in South Africa


Cooperatives are organizations of people who band together to help one another by pooling their financial resources and making regular contributions. The members own the organization (the cooperative), and it is not a for-profit venture.

Agricultural cooperatives are modest organizations that strive to improve farmers’ livelihoods. Agro Cooperatives are made up of many types of farmers who pool their resources to assist members with whatever they may require on their fields.

Some Agro Cooperatives accept farmers of all types as members, but others accept only specific types of farmers (such as fish farmers, cattle ranchers, poultry farmers, and so on).

The sense of community fostered by a cooperative is an important aspect of it. Cooperatives also train their members on best practices in their industries, as well as advise them about opportunities and how to take advantage of government legislation that may arise. As a result, some cooperatives may be dissatisfied with financial contributions from members. They may levy fines on members who fail to attend meetings. Let us now go to the list of South African cooperatives.

Agricultural Cooperatives in South Africa


1. Central Timber Cooperative Ltd.,

  • Mailing/Postal Address: PO Box 495, Pietermaritzburg 3200.
  • Tel (0331) 451 388 AX

2. East Cape Agricultural Co-op. Ltd.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P O Box331, Queenstown 5320.
  • Tel (045) 839 5241.
  • Fax: 045-8384394

3. Fraserburgse Koöperatiewe VleisprodusenteBpk.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P O Box 32, Fraserburg 6960.
  • Tel (023) 741 1004.
  • Fax: 023-7411253

4. Karoo Oranje Landboukoöperasie Bpk.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P O Box 24, Hopetown 8750.
  • Tel (053) 203 0501.
  • Fax: 053-2030295

5. Ladismith-LandboukoöperasieBpk.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: PO BOx 55, Ladismith 6655.
  • Tel (028) 551 1042.
  • Fax: 028-5511930

6. NamakwalandseLandboukoöperasie Bpk.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P O Box46. Vredendal 8160.
  • Tel (0271) 33030 /9.
  • Fax: 0271-32921

7. Nasionale Aartappelkoöperasie Bpk.

  • Mailing/Postal Address: P O Box 516, Bethal 2310.
  • Tel (01764) 76375

8. Natalse Landboukoöperasie Bpk.

  • Mailing/Postal Address: P O Box 145, Dundee 3000.
  • Tel (0341) 25171.
  • Fax: 0341-81096

9. National Cooperative Dairies Ltd.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P O Box6161, Weltevreden Park 1715.
  • Tel (011) 470 8600.
  • Fax: 011-4751515

10. Oranje Koöperasie Bpk

  • Mailing/Postal Address: P O Box 48, Upington 8800.
  • Tel (054) 332 3811
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11. Oranjerivierwynkelders(Koöperatief)

  • Mailing/Postal Address: P O Box 544, Upington 8800.
  • Tel (054) 331 2186.
  • Fax: 054-25408

12. Taurus Veeverbeteringskoöperasie Bpk.

  • Mailing /Postal Address: P/Bag X5, Irene 0062.
  • Tel (012) 667 1122.
  • Fax: 012-6671827

13. Wes Karoo Koöperasie Bpk

  • Mailing/Postal Address: P O Box 74, Calvinia 8190.
  • Tel (0273) 411 070.
  • Fax: 0273-412724

14. T W K Landbou Bpk

  • Physical Address: 89 Stuart St, Amsterdam, 2375, South Africa, Mpumalanga.

15. East Free State Cape Co-op

  • Physical Address: 23 Murray St, Lady Grey, 9755, South Africa, Eastern Cape.
  • Cooperative Website: WWW.OVk.co.za

16. K L K

  • Physical Address: Hoof St, Danielskuil, 8405, South Africa, Northern Cape.

17. Kaap Agri

  • Physical Address: Station Rd, Lutzville, 8165, South Africa, Northern Cape.

18. East Cape Agricultural Co-op Ltd

  • Physical Address: Robinson Rd. Cathcart, 5310, South Africa, Eastern Cape.

19. E D L U(tlu)

  • Physical Address: 14 Church St. Ermelo, 2351, South Africa, Mpumalanga.
  • Cooperative Website: wWw.tlu.co.za

20. Kaap-agri

  • Physical Address: Church St, Van Rhynsdorp, 8170, South Africa, Northern Cape.
  • Cooperative Website: www.kaapagri.co.za

21. Chamo Marketing Enterprises

  • Physical Address: 2 Second St, Eastern Extension, George, 6529, South Africa, Western Cape.

22. Tuinroete Agri-herold

  • Physical Address: Herold, George,6615, South Africa, Western Cape.

23. Kaap-Augrabies

  • Physical Address: Plot 1190, Augrabies, 8874, South Africa,Northern Cape.

24. G W K Ltd

  • Physical Address: Industria Rd. Barkly West, 8375, South Africa, Northern Cape.
  • Cooperative Website: WWW.gwk.co.za

25. K L K

  • Physical Address: Augrabies Rd, Kakamas, 8870, South Africa, Northern Cape.
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26. Phahamisang Nursery Manufacture for farming Services Agricultural Cooperative

  • Physical Address: 268 Boroa location, Bloemfontein.

27. East Cape Agricultural Co-op Ltd

  • Physical Address: Crewe Brown Ave, Somerset East, 5850, South Africa, Eastern Cape.
  • Physical Address: 8 Main St, Komga, 4950, South Africa, Eastern Cape.
  • Physical Address: 48 Church St. Adelaide, 5760, South Africa, Eastern Cape.

28. Senwes Bpk

  • Physical Address: 1 Stasie Rd. Ventersdorp, 2710, South Africa, North West. Netafim
  • Physical Address: Isarel, Cape Town.

29. Klein Karoo Kooperasie

  • Physical Address: 99 Kerk St, Prince Albert, 6930, South Africa, Western Cape.

30. Porterville Ko-operatiewe Landbou Maatskappy Bpk

  • Physical Address: 2 Hoof St, Graafwater, 8120, South Africa, Northern Cape.

31. Botsitso Development Service Provider

  • Physical Address: 107 Zastron St, Westdene, Free State, 9301, South Africa, Bloemfontein.

A cooperative is a sort of business organization, but it differs from the more prevalent investor-owned businesses. These differences are due to the fact that although IFs often aim to maximize their profits, cooperative aim to maximize advantages for its members.

Agricultural cooperatives are formed in situations where farmers are unable to obtain essential services from IOFs or banks (because the provision of these services is judged to be unprofitable by the IOF’s), or when IFs or banks provide the services at disadvantageous terms and conditions to the farmers (i.e., the services are available, but the farmers cannot afford the terms and conditions).


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