5 Ways South African Businesses Can Use AI Right Now


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, was something that was often considered to be out of reach of most businesses. Now, though, many South African businesses are now taking advantage of the tech to improve their businesses. How are they doing this? Let’s take a look. 

AI in South Africa

1. Improving eCommerce

When you see AI being used now, it’s often in eCommerce. You’ve probably come across it yourself as a customer when shopping online. There are multiple, varied ways in which AI is used to improve the customer’s experience online and improve sales as a whole. 

On a small scale, AI is used to improve customer service by using chat bots to help them find what they need when they’re on the site, increasing the likelihood of a sale. “For many eCommerce companies, the real benefit with AI is in marketing” says Carol Fisher, an AI blogger at Write My X and Australia 2 Write. “It can help sort through huge amounts of customer data, understanding who they are, what they’re looking for, and segmenting them for more concentrated marketing efforts.”

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2. Bringing More Value To Academic Institutions

Another way that AI can be used is in the academic industry. That’s true across all institutions, from pre schools to universities. When teachers are already dealing with heavy workloads, the AIs they use can handle data and take tasks off their hands. That includes predicting grades, creating personal homework and study tasks, and so on. 

It can also be used on the administrative side of the industry too, helping with keeping track of all the data that comes out of schools. As AI becomes more accessible than ever before, you’ll find that teachers and schools are using it more than ever. 

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3. Streamlining Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing, there is always going to be room to make the process faster and more efficient. That’s why South African manufacturing companies are looking at using AI in their factories to make the process better than ever. 

For example, machine learning AI can work with machinery. If it’s fed the right data, it can monitor machinery and if anything is wrong with any part of it, it can alert you to get it fixed. Most of the time, it’ll be able to do this before you even notice the issue. That drastically reduces downtime, so companies don’t miss deadlines or lose out on profit. 

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4. Improving Health Care

One way you may not have considered AI helping South African people is through health care. Typically, health care has to be managed by human professionals, but AI has made certain aspects of the job more accurate and streamlined. That allows practitioners to offer better overall care. 

For example, AI can help with the early detection of certain illnesses, especially those of which can be fatal. For example, AI is helping with the translation and review of mammograms. That helps get better and more accurate results, faster. With quicker treatment, it’s enabled women to often avoid the need for biopsies unless needed. 

5. Helping With Agriculture

Can AI really help with agriculture? Indeed it can. South African farmers are now using AI in several different ways to improve their output, which benefits both them and the customers they sell their goods to. “Farmers will have multiple processes to keep track of at all times, often across large amounts of land” says Jane Bowman, a business writer at Essay Help and Brit Student. “With AI, the tech can handle a lot of that work for them.”

With the right data, an AI can monitor these processes and suggest actions to take at specific times. These can include when to spray pesticides, when to plant, and when to harvest. With this data driven approach, a lot of work is taken off farmers’ hands and that makes their farms more efficient overall. 

There’s so many ways that AI is changing the face of industry in South Africa right now. These are just a few of the biggest examples right now, but you’ll see that many industries are also taking advantage of the tech. If you’re not using AI in your business, it could be time to look into it yourself. 

George J. Newton is a business blogger with Research paper writing services and Dissertation Writing Service. He specialises in business tech and how that can be used to improve your business. He’s also a blogger for Next Coursework. 


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