How to Start a Cleaning Company in South Africa


Cleaning is one of the most commonly outsourced services. Cleaning takes place in a variety of business, household, personal, and environmental situations, each with its own set of scale and requirements.

Cleaning occurs in a variety of circumstances and through a variety of approaches. Cleaning is one of several vocations.

Cleaning Company in South Africa

1. Research

In order to succeed in any business, thorough research is a need. Several critical components must be discovered through investigation in this instance.

How you intend to operate your new cleaning business Consumer cleaning services or commercial cleaning services are two options for a cleaning company’s target market. Both have a different audience and a different set of offerings.

The following are the two distinct target markets to keep in mind: 

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Services for cleaning homes and businesses for the general public: People’s homes, including carpets, windows, and so on, are the focus of these services.

Commercial cleaning services: These services are geared toward businesses. Window cleaning, office cleaning, and bathroom cleaning are all included in this service. It may not be as simple as you think to figure out who your target audience is. Consider your company’s financial situation, staff, and competitors before deciding.

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The start-up costs of the business 

Starting a cleaning business costs how much money? As people invest differently in their companies, the price fluctuates. Some people will spend a lot of money on fancy cleaning supplies. The opposite is also true: some people follow a strict spending plan. There’s no harm in creating your own company strategy and working within your budget.

The price of goods and services

When I clean someone’s home, how much should I charge? My clients have asked me how much I charge them. These are the types of questions that necessitate extensive market and competitor study.

Domestic cleaning costs between R50 and R80 an hour on average. Typical costs for a half-hour of office cleaning range between 50 and 100 rand (R$). As a result, try to come to an agreement on a reasonable price.

The place where it’s located Inevitably

You must locate an appropriate site, ideally near your intended audience. Being located in the city where your services are being offered is also a good idea. Researching the necessary equipment such as sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners and trolleys would be beneficial.

2. Decide on the company name and brand you want to use

For your cleaning business to be registered and recognized, it must have a legal name. Choose a name for your business that accurately describes the products and services you provide.

If you’re looking for a company that provides both commercial and consumer services, you can do so. A firm name will be required after this procedure. Keep it simple, descriptive, but not overly so, and make it stand out from the crowd.

Set up a business with an appropriate strategy. The business strategy for a cleaning service Searches for “South Africa” are soaring on the internet, and it’s possible that people are looking for advice on how to start a cleaning business in the country.

A competent organization offering these services can, of course, create one for you. The executive summary, objectives, mission, market analysis summary, and company summary must all be included in the outline.

3. Examine the necessary records

In South Africa, what is needed to establish a cleaning business? The proper paperwork is one of the things that is required. What follows is the following stage, which is going through the necessary paperwork for registering a cleaning firm once you’ve decided on one. These are the names of them:

Company registration document; B-BBE Affidavit; BEE Certificate; Tax Clearance Certificate; and Company Tax Verification Document.

Incorporate your business. The CK certificate or CoR document is the first and most important certification for a cleaning firm. It’s mandatory for CC’s and Pty’s to have the CK and CoR paperwork, respectively.

You will need to register your business with the CIPC in order to get these documents. You have a choice of two ways to complete the registration process.

Pty Company Registration, a professional company, is the best option. Do you know how much it costs to have your company registered with CIPC? There is a pricing range of R125 to R475.

Registration with the NCCA

For the purpose of securing a cleaning tender, an NCCA accreditation is a must. As a legal NCCA company, this cleaning certificate enables you to apply for cleaning tenders and contracts, as well. You’ll need these items to get started:

Please provide us with the following: 

* Company registration paperwork 

* ID Number or Passport

* Tax Clearance

* Provident Fund

* Letter of Good Standing

Be sure to get your B-BBEE certificate.

If your annual revenue exceeds R10 million, you’ll also need a B-BBEE certificate to register your cleaning business in South Africa. Businesses with a yearly revenue of R10 million or more are required to submit this form. Customers can use an affidavit signed by the Commissioner of Oaths instead if it has a lower turnover.

You may start a cleaning business in South Africa with the help of this advice. Everything you need to know about the documents you’ll need, as well as their prices, is laid out clearly in this document. I wish you the best of luck!



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