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Can I Apply for NSFAS if I’m Working?


The question is whether or not persons who have jobs are eligible for the bursary.

The NSFAS bursary is only available to people whose total household income does not exceed R350,000.


The NSFAS bursary is not available to prospective students who are employed and whose family income exceeds R350 000 per year as a result. However, if the amount is less than R350 000, they will be eligible.

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According to the NSFAS eligibility rules, persons with a combined household income of less than R350 000 per year are eligible for the bursary.

Consequently, if an applicant has a job and their income, when coupled with the total income of people with whom they live, exceeds R350 000 per year, they will be unable to qualify for the NSFAS bursary. They will, however, be eligible if the amount is R350 000 or less.

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