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How Many Years can NSFAS Fund You


What is the length of time that NSFAS funds?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a bursary that operates at a national level in South Africa, giving financial assistance to people pursuing university education (colleges, universities, and vocational courses).

Those who cannot afford such an education through other methods, such as traditional student loans or bank funding are eligible to apply for the NSFAS scholarship.

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NSFAS years for funding

How many years does the National Student Financial Aid Program (NSFAS) finance a student?

  • A period of five years

If you meet the requirements of the means test, NSFAS will support you for a maximum of five years, depending on the amount of funds available in each year of your application.

For those who change their courses frequently and take longer than five years to finish their qualification, they will be required to pay for themselves until they graduate from college.

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