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How to Check if NSFAS Has Funded You


A Unisa student who is eligible for NSFAS financial aid can ask for a refund if they match the following criteria.

Here’s what Unisa students should know about NSFAS return policies.

Check if NSFAS Has Funded You

Refund Policy Restrictions

NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimal registration price to activate their registration will receive a refund.
In order to receive a reimbursement, NSFAS must confirm that Unisa has successfully processed the registration data in question.

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You’ll need to fill out a refund form to achieve this. It is required that you have a bank account registered with your ID number and that the form be stamped by the bank. Please send a copy of the form by email to: [email protected] After receiving the validated refund form, the money will be returned to your account within the next 21 days.

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NSFAS Chat is another option for submitting questions.

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