How to Get Your NSFAS Reference Number


Financial aid for undergraduates in South Africa is provided via the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, a government-sponsored student aid programme that provides financial assistance to students who have graduated from high school. It is supported by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

As a result, the reference number serves as official documentation that your application was received by NSFAS. Your email and application were not received, and a reference number should have been sent to you as soon as possible. Either via email or text message, you’ll get this special code. 

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Get Your NSFAS Reference Number

How to get the NSFAS reference number

You will receive an email or text message with your NSFAS reference number once you have submitted your documents and application. You may see it in your myNSFAS account, too. Here is an example of how you can discover your application number in your account and during the application process.

Process of NSFAS Reference Number Retrieval

Since it’s always displayed in your account, it’s impossible to misplace your registration number. You can see it if you log in to your account. You can, of course, misplace or forget your login information for your account, which is the same thing. 

Your new password will be emailed to you within five minutes if you follow the instructions on this page. 

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Because each NSFAS reference number is unique and associated with just one account, you can only obtain it by following the steps outlined above or by contacting NSFAS directly. 

If you want, you can always get in touch with the NSFAS via NSFAS Connect, their new method of communication with students.


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