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Does NSFAS pay for Student Accommodation?


If you are hoping to be funded by NSFAS as well as wanting to move out possibly into residence, you may be wondering is NSFAS will cover accommodation? Look no further, the answer is yes!

NSFAS not only covers tuiton fees, they student accommodation, registration fees, transport costs, books and other learning materials, and living and personal care allowances.

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However regarding residence, there are certain things that NSFAS doesn’t cover. NSFAS does not pay for the deposit of private residence. 

NSFAS Student Accommodation

NSFAS does pay for these types of accommodation:

  • Institution owned off-campus residences
  • Institution owned on-campus residences
  • Institution leased private accommodation
  • Private off-campus accredited accommodation
  • Accredited private residences

With NSFAS funding and the possibility of moving into residence, many students ask whether or not NSFAS will cover their housing costs. Is the answer yes? The search is over.

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Student housing, registration fees, transportation charges, textbooks and other educational resources as well as living and personal care allowances are all part of the NSFAS package.

NSFAS, on the other hand, doesn’t cover all of the costs associated with living on campus. The deposit for a private residence is not covered by the NSFAS program.

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Such accommodations are covered by NSFAS.

  • Off-campus apartments owned by the university
  • On-campus housing owned by the university
  • The university let out private rooms.
  • Off-campus housing that has been approved by the university
  • Accredited private homes.
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