Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in South Africa


Being an aerial pilot can be a lucrative career in South Africa, encompassing a plethora of exciting and gratifying activities. You get to travel around the world as your schedule allows, and you learn new things every day on the job.

A job in the aviation business is highly sought after by a small number of people who want to carve out a niche for themselves in this very specialized field.

Having said that, getting started in this industry can be confusing at first because the first question will be “how to get the best aviation schools in South Africa,” along with other concerns relating to different types of training academy programs, basic requirements, proximity, and so on.

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Best Aviation Schools in South Africa

1. Aeronav Academy Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa

As a leading aviation service provider for over 30 years, Aeronav Academy Ltd has consistently delivered on its promise of providing the best possible instruction to its students, incorporating the greatest practical training and cutting-edge technical testing facilities.

Aeronav Academy Limited, which is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, trains the brightest minds in the flight and civil aviation industry in South Africa by putting them through one of the most rigorous training programs in the country, under the guidance of some of the country’s most qualified aviation experts.

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Every aviation training program offered by Aeronav Academy Ltd awards the Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) to its graduates.

The following is the contact information:

  • Location: Gate 9a, Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, 1748 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 11 701 3862
  • Web Address:

2. CapeTown Flight Training Centre, Durbanville

Flight handling, airspace control and aviation best practices are all taught in a hands-on, practical manner at Capetown Flight Training Centre. At CapeTown Flight Training Center, safety is the primary focus.

Aviation training is provided only by highly qualified and experienced instructors in a peaceful learning atmosphere to ensure that students are prepared to succeed in today’s competitive market. At the end of their training, pilots receive the Night Rating (NR) Private License (PPL) and Commercial License (CPL).

Contact details include:

  • Fisantekraal Air space, Lichtenburg Rd, Durbanville, 7560
  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 8444-07922
  • Web Address:

3. Algoa Flight Centre, Port Elizabeth

Located at the Port Elizabeth Airport, Algoa Flight Centre is an esteemed flight school providing top-notch instruction for both private pilots and business pilots.

Using the best instructors and specialists available, Algoa Flight Center utilizes cutting-edge equipment and facilities to develop its students’ airmanship skills to the highest level.

As a result of the school’s long history of success, aspiring pilots from all over the world seek it out.

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Port Elizabeth Airport, South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 41 581 3274
  • Web Address:

4. Durban Aviation Centre, Durban, South Africa

One of South Africa’s best aviation schools, the Durban Aviation Center, is located in the city of Durban. Pilot training, best standards, and professional conduct all come standard at Durban Aviation Center.

One of the greatest professionals in the business with many years of practical expertise works at the school. Training pilots receive all three licenses at the end of each course, including the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) (CPL).

Aviation authorities throughout the world have praised Durban Aviation for its dedication to delivering the best service possible.

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Virginia Airport, Main Terminal Building, Suite 19, Durban, 4051 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 31 573 2995
  • Web Address:

5. Avcon Jet Africa, Midrand

You should immediately think of Avcon Jet Africa when you think of the best flying schools in South Africa. The Grand Central Airport in Midrand is home to a renowned aviation school with a long history of success.

Equipment at Avcon Jet Africa is of the highest quality thanks to its large and peaceful training facility. It uses the most advanced training aircraft and the most advanced flight technologies to provide the most realistic airspace simulations for its trainees. The Cessna 172 will serve as an example.

One of the greatest tutors in the country works at Avcon Jet Africa, and they take great care to ensure that their students receive only the best training possible before entering the aviation business.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) are awarded to Avcon Jet Africa Midrand’s pilot students following extensive training.

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Grand Central Airport, New Rd, Midrand, South Africa 1685
  • Phone Number: +27113125676
  • Web address:

6. Progress Flight Academy, Port Elizabeth South Africa

The greatest flight training in the market is offered to eligible students at Progress Flight Academy. Progress Flight Academy prides itself on creating some of the top pilots in the industry because of their high-quality training facilities and spacious classrooms.

Port Elizabeth International Airport has the Progress Flying Academy, which houses some of the most advanced training equipment, including flight fleets and airspace simulators. Over the past 30 years, Progress Flying Academy has grown into one of the most well regarded flight schools in the United States.

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Progress Aerodrome, Port Elizabeth Intl Airport, Port Elizabeth, 6390 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 41 394 1000
  • Web Address:

7. 43 Air School, Port Alfred

Port Alfred, South Africa’s seaside city, is home to 43 Air School, a high-quality aviation school. Air traffic control and flight operations are taught at 43 Air School, which boasts one of the country’s largest training grounds.

Over 300 students are currently enrolled at the school, which has well-equipped full boarding facilities that can fit two students in each room. ”

There are state-of-the-art training facilities, innovative technical tools, and top-notch training officers and tutors at this school who have a wealth of knowledge in the field to impart to students. It is the only flight school in the world that awards its trainee pilots with an Integrated Airline Transportation Pilot’s License (IATPL).

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Private Bag x43, Port Alfred, 6170 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 46 6043600
  • Web Address:

8. Afrika Union Aviation Academy, Mafikeng

Aviation best practices are highly valued at Afrika Union Aviation Academy, where only the greatest standards of professional conduct may be expected. The Afrika Union Aviation Academy has never compromised on standards and quality when it comes to programs, training equipment, equipment, facilities, testing grounds, and tutoring centers.

The Afrika Union Aviation Academy is a full-time pilot training facility located near Mafikeng Airport in the Mafikeng district. Graduates of the academy receive the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) upon completion of their professional training.

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Mafikeng AirForce Base, Opp Mafikeng Airport, Mafikeng,
  • Phone Number: +27 (0)18 385 1080
  • Web Address:

9. AAA 4 Pilots Durban, South Africa

In Durban, South Africa you can catch AAA 4 Pilots.

As one of the best pilot schools in South Africa, AAA 4 Pilots has earned a solid reputation.

AAC 4 Pilots is a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA)-certified training facility that prides itself on providing students with the best quality airspace training in a serene professional learning environment, so that they can achieve their highest personal and professional goals in their lives.

Training in AAA 4 is conducted by highly qualified instructors who are able to impart the most up-to-date knowledge of air safety, laws, and technology to their trainee pilots.

The following is the contact information:

  • Location: Virginia Airport, Hanger 8, Durban, 4016 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 31 837 6939

10. Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service, Germiston

Some of the best flying and airspace training may be found at Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service in Germiston, Johannesburg.

Located at Hanger 40 of Johannesburg’s Rand Airport, they train the top pilots utilizing only world-class training equipment and technologically advanced tools that prepare them to compete advantageously in a very demanding business that requires accuracy and professional best practices.

At the conclusion of each professional training, the Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service awards its trainee pilots with the Private and Commercial Pilot Licences (PPT, CPT).

Details on how to get in touch with us

  • Location: Hanger 40 Lancaster Avenue, Rand Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 11 827 4125
  • Web address:


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