10 Best High Schools in Western Cape


Moving to Cape Town with your kids? Here’s some good news: South Africa has the lowest fees in the world for international schools, which is good news. As well as the great views of Table Mountain and the South Atlantic Ocean, the interesting mix of cultures, and the low cost of living, you can be sure your kids will get a great education, too.

In South Africa, Cape Town is the second-largest city. Many expats have been to Cape Town in the past. There are a lot of international schools in different parts of the city that you can choose from.

While there are a few in or near the city center, the southern suburbs of Kenilworth, Claremont, and Rosebank have more to choose from than the city center itself does. International schools can be found just outside of the city in Bloubergstrand. The town is also very beautiful and has a lot of beautiful scenery.

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As a British colony, Cape Town’s international schools tend to teach the British curriculum, which isn’t a surprise because of its history. You’ll also find South African, French, German and Waldorf schools in this city, though. There are all kinds of schools for kids up to the age of 18. There are some schools that only teach second-level students (from age 12 or 13).

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When it comes to education, state schools in South Africa aren’t very well known. You can expect international schools in the country to be privately run, so you can expect the same standards as international schools all over the world. Cities like Cape Town also have a lot of schools that have a lot of space and smaller class sizes than most.

In international schools in Cape Town, the school year starts in August and ends in June. In general, the school day starts around 8am and ends around 2 or 3pm. If you’re older, you can usually get help with your homework from your teachers at most schools.

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High Schools in Western Cape

1. American International school of Cape town

We want our students to have a strong sense of community, and we want to teach them how to be curious, life-long learners so that they can always learn new things.

Curriculum: English is the language of instruction in the United States.

2. The Bishops Diocesan College

Bishops Diocesan College is an independent boys’ school in Cape Town that has been around for a long time, has a strong academic ethos, and has a lot of good things to say about itself.

Curriculum Anglican, a South African school. English is the language used to teach.

3. The German International School

As a bilingual German school, we follow the German and South African (IEB) curriculum while we are in another country. Graduates who have a South African and European university entrance qualification have more options for their tertiary education in South Africa, Germany, or other countries. This opens the door to a career in another country.

Students from Grades 1 to 12 who speak German as their first language and those who speak English as their second language are both taught by us.

The German International School in Cape Town isn’t just a place where students can be good at academics, sports, and art. It is a place where people from more than 40 different countries and different social and cultural backgrounds come together to learn English.

Intercultural learning is an important part of our students’ overall growth. The act of building bridges between different societies and cultures helps people understand each other, respect each other, and be open-minded.


  • A German, a South African.
  • English, German are the languages of instruction.

4. Cape Town French School

The Cape Town French School is in the middle of the city of Cape Town, and it teaches French and Cambridge English from pre-school to grade 12.

English and French are the languages of instruction in the British and French curricula.

5. Constantia Waldorf School

A Waldorf school called Constantia Waldorf School was started on a farm in Constantia, which was then a very rural area of Cape Town. It opened in 1967 on a farm. It was the very first Waldorf school in Africa, so it was very important.

Constantia Waldorf School is for both boys and girls, and it has a modern, comprehensive Waldorf curriculum from Playgroup to Matric that meets the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of a growing child at different stages of development.


  • English is the language of instruction in Waldorf.

6. Auburn House Montessori School 

We give kids ages 3 to 12 a place where they can be kids. There is a curriculum and a way of teaching that allow kids to grow up as people, thinkers, and creators.

The ethos of the school is based on a strong set of beliefs, the core of which is the Montessori principle of respecting the well-being of each person and making the world a better place.


  • English is the language used to teach.

7. House of Elkanah

Elkanah House is a co-educational, private school in Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded in 1997 and is run by a board of trustees.

Following Christ’s teachings, Elkanah House wants to make learning at school a comfortable place that is also diverse and challenging. It encourages students to reach their full potential, so that they can leave as young adults who are innovative, academically competent, emotionally confident and community-minded.


  • People who are Christian and live in South Africa are taught in English.

8. Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-School

Parklands College & Christopher Robin Pre-Primary is one of the top 20 schools in the country. It was built to give students a world-class education from the early years of schooling to the end of compulsory schooling at the age of 12.

Parklands College gives parents complete peace of mind because it not only prepares the child academically, but also emotionally, socially, morally, and physically, so that he or she is ready for life’s challenges when they come. This is because Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-Primary are both Apple Distinguished Schools and one of only two Google Reference Schools in Africa.


  • People in South Africa learn English as their main language at school.

9. Somerset College

As a school with a Christian foundation, the staff and students work in an environment that is based on strong values, spiritual growth, and a desire to serve the community. All of these things play a big part in the development of responsible, caring people.

A lot of attention is paid to the whole child at Somerset College. Academics, sports, cultural activities, leadership and spiritual development, environmental and outdoor programs make sure that every student can grow and find his or her own unique talents in many different areas.


  • A group of people who are British, Christian, and from South Africa
  • English is the language used to teach.

10. Peak Academy

If you want to learn in a way that helps you build relationships with your students and help them reach their goals, we can help.

It’s a British curriculum in which English is the language of instruction.


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