Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Eastern Cape


Want to go to school in the Eastern Cape? In the Eastern Cape, there are more than 8 public schools and 21 private schools.

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10 best Primary Schools in Eastern Cape

South African education is widely regarded as the best on the continent. The country’s schools are consistently ranked among the best in the world. This ranking is based on students’ exam performance as well as the standard of facilities available in the schools.

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Being a part of the South African student population at any level equalizes you with other students from around the world. The teaching and instruction you received would undoubtedly set you apart anywhere in the world. As a parent, having your child attend a school in South Africa.

The student would make certain that you provide your child with the kind of education that any child would be eternally grateful to their parents for providing.

Best High Schools in Eastern Cape

1. Bergvliet Primary School

Bergvliet Primary School is located in Capetown’s Bergvliet neighborhood. The school was founded in 1950 as a co-educational primary school. Some years after World War II, following the construction of the Bergvliet suburb, Which of these was built to house ex-soldiers and their families?

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The school currently has over 600 students enrolled. This school’s facilities are of the highest caliber. The school is also a sports-oriented institution, with an ultra-modern swim pool complex and other top-notch facilities. Grades ranging from 00 to 7 are available.

2. Grove Primary School

Grove Primary School, located in Claremont, Cape Town, is one of South Africa’s oldest primary schools. The school was founded in 1885. The school offers grades ranging from 00 to 7. There are over 700 students enrolled at the school.

There are numerous sports facilities at the school. Among them are a swimming pool, an artificial football pitch (astroturf), a tennis court, and a basketball court.

The school holds an annual sports day in which the four sports houses compete against each other to determine the overall champion. Sparta, Rome, Athens, and Troy are the school’s sports houses.

3. Oakhurst Elementary School

Oakhurst Primary School is located in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. This is an all-girls public primary school in Rondebosch. The school was founded in 1906, making it one of South Africa’s oldest girl’s schools.

This school’s grades range from 00 to 7. “Nothing but the best,” says the school’s motto. Hockey, netball, and tennis are popular sports here.

The school facilities are on par with those found anywhere in the world. The quality of education provided to students is of the utmost importance.

4. Greenfield Girls’ Primary School

Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa, is the location of this school. The school was founded in 1956. The school is a public school for female students. There are more than 200 students. The available grades range from 1 to 7. The school offers instruction in both English and Afrikaans.

This school’s facilities are also of the highest caliber. A student at this school receives an education of the same caliber as one found anywhere else in the world. The school provides its students with the most up-to-date information.

5. Table View Primary School

Table View Primary School is a Christian school in Table View, a Capetown suburb, South Africa. The school opened in January of 1971. There are currently over 1200 students enrolled. Both Afrikaans and English are used as teaching languages.

This school places a strong emphasis on sports, culture, and academics. Cricket, tennis, rugby, and swimming are among the games that are played.

Music, arts, and drama classes are also available. The school strives to provide students with a well-rounded education. The curriculum for teaching in the schools is approved by the Western Cape Department.

6. Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School

This is a public primary school for boys. The school is in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. The school first opened its doors in February 1897. The school offers grades ranging from 1 to 7. There are over 1000 boys enrolled in the schools.

This school’s facilities are so good that other schools can only dream of them. This school has over 180 computers, with each boy having his own email address and internet access. The school is on par with the best in the world.

7. Cannons Creek Independent School

Cannons Creek is a neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa. The school is an independent co-educational institution. There are currently over 400 students enrolled.

The school was founded in 1997. The available grades range from RR to 12. The school also has a high school, which was founded in 1998. The current annual school fees are R57,000 at the school. “A school with a difference,” says the school’s motto.

8. Rustenburg Girls’ School

This is a public school located in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. There is also a high school for girls at the school. The school was established in 1894. There are over 350 female students in the class. The current annual school fees are R28,000.00.

We have compiled a list of the best primary schools in Cape Town. This information will help you choose a school in the Capetown area.

9. Bishops’ Diocesan College (Rondesboch)

This is an independent all-boys school dedicated to providing all of the resources and conditions required to transform boys into men. South African National curricula are available through the Bishop’s Diocesan. It has a technologically advanced environment and learning facilities, and it accepts boys aged 4 to 18. It was founded on an Anglican Christian foundation.

10. St. Joseph’s Marist School (Rondebosch)

This is a co-ed, multicultural institution that provides educational services to children from Preschool to Matric. It also includes Montessori education for children up to the sixth grade.

It provides a high-quality educational system that includes “Google Schools.” Furthermore, through its Special Needs Unit, it provides a special needs education unit for students aged 12 to 20. (SNU). Visit the website of St. Joseph’s Marist College for more information.


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