Cell C Black: How to Use Black Data on Cell C


Cell C launched its black data package in November 2017 allowing Cell C subscribers to stream or download content in the black entertainment platform launched by Cell C catering for both the local market and those that enjoy international content. This was actually designed to reduce the cost of having to download and stream content from the internet.

cell c black data

What is black data Cell C?

The black data plans were made specifically for Cell C users to enjoy the services of the streaming service BLACK. Black is a platform that offers its clients all-round entertainment by allowing its users to view video-on-demand by streaming. The service was designed to be diverse, and it provides local and international content. It will include live streaming of five top European football club channels, and services like gaming, sports betting and ticketing. Customers can subscribe from as little as R5 per day and use prepaid airtime (which is a first in South Africa) in addition to debit/credit cards and vouchers to purchase content.

“This is about bringing more relevant content to more people in our country. And content can consume quite a large amount of data, which is why we are bringing various products at exceptional prices for consumers looking to access black via a mobile connection.”

“The cost of data has often been cited as a barrier to entry for customers wanting to stream or download content using their mobile data. The Black Data products will address this challenge. Customers can access data from as little as 1c/MB or R7.50 per GIG,” said Cell C Chief Executive Officer, Jose Dos Santos.

Black Data Prices

The black data Cell C prices actually vary according to the bundle you wish to pay for. There are a total of 9 Cell C black data bundle types. Cell C black data prices range according to the plan you choose. Some bundles get to last for 30 days while others last for 90 days and 180 days. Ideally, the more the days a package is set to continue the more you have to pay for them. Below is a list of the bundles, including their names, sizes and validity periods.

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These prices are seen by most as affordable when compared to the costs of the cell service charges for its regular bundles. Normally the fees charged are:

Bundle Name Inclusive Data(GB) Bundle Price (incl. VAT) In Bundle Rate Validity
1GB blackData 1 R30.00 R0.03 30 days
2GB blackData 2 R60.00 R0.03 30 days
5GB blackData 5 R150.00 R0.03 30 days
10GB blackData 10 R250.00 R0.02 90 days
20GB  blackData 20 R399.00 R0.02 90 days
30GB blackDATA 30 R599.00 R0.02 90 days
50GB  blackData 50 R799.00 R0.02 180 days
100GB blackData 100 R999.00 R0.01 180 days
200GB blackData 200 R1499.00 R0.01 180 days
  • 1GB – R149
  • 2GB – R249
  • 3GB – R299
  • 5GB – R399
  • 10GB – R599
  • 20GB – R799
  • 30GB – R899
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There are also some other black data packages that are affordable.

How to use Cell C black data

  • First, you need to have been registered on Black.
  • You need to purchase the bundle. This can be done via the Cell C App or by dialling *147# on your Cell C line. You can also go to any Cell C store close to you to purchase it from them directly, and the Cell C black bundle will be loaded into your account.
  • After the bundle has been loaded in your account, you can now make use of it.
  • You can log into your account and start streaming or downloading whatever content you want.


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