Full List of all MTN USSD Codes in South Africa


Telecommunications companies have made every effort to make their services as efficient and convenient as possible for clients, and they will continue to do so in the future. Thus, they’ve created short codes that allow users to access services quickly and conveniently. MTN USSD codes can save you a great deal of time and money if you know how to use them.

MTN is a well-known and well-liked mobile phone service company. There is a need for the mobile service provider to make its services more accessible to its millions of registered users. MTN USSD codes, for example, have made a significant impact on the daily lives of its customers.

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Because they’ve been around for a while, most people are already familiar with some of these codes. Some clients are unaware of the existence of others because they haven’t been widely utilised. In order to stay on top of everything, here’s a handy reference list.

MTN USSD Codes South Africa

MTN voicemail

132 is the short code for MTN users’ voicemails. To access your voicemail, simply call the MTN voicemail number on your phone. The code for non-MTN or landline customers is 083 132.

You may update your MTN voicemail greetings by dialing 132 and selecting option 3. Phone numbers beginning with 08314 can be accessed by anyone who does not have an MTN line.

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Changing the voicemail password by dialing 132 and selecting the option to do so. In order to make advantage of this service, non-MTN customers need to dial 08314 followed by their nine-digit phone number.

Automatic voicemail for MTN users is code 132; for non-MTN users, code 083132 is used instead.

Call 134, then enter the nine-digit number to which you want to leave a voicemail. You can use the code 08314 followed by the nine digits of the phone number you want to leave a voicemail for non-MTN users.

How to check MTN balance

MTN codes can also be used to check your balance. Nevertheless, MTN balance checking is only available to MTN subscribers. To check their balance and MTN airtime, one can do so by dialing *136#.

Dial *136*1# if you want to know your balance in detail. This is the MTN code for checking your airtime balance. MTN’s 136 code is used for all operations related to checking the balance of a customer’s account.

Dial *136*1*7851# to find out your SUL balance.

MTN self service

You don’t need an agent to use the services in the vast majority of cases. You can get to the self-service menu in this situation by dialing *136#. In order to contact MTN’s self-service center, call 136. There are also MTN service numbers for non-MTN customers. 083 136 is the correct code to enter. They can only use the self-service menu, however.

How to buy MTN data

Being a major internet service provider, MTN offers the most competitive data bundle prices. Short codes can be used to buy internet bundles, which is the best part. By dialing *136*10# and selecting the data bundles option, you can purchase data bundles.

How to check MTN data balance

There are two ways to check your data balance if you want to see how much data you have left. The first way is to send the number ‘2’ to shortcode 131. *131*4# is the MTN balance code for the second time.

MTN data transfer USSD code

Using MTN, you can also transfer data between MTN users. *136*3# is the USSD code for that. *136*6328* is another option.

How to check your number on MTN numbers

It’s possible to check your MTN phone number using a short code. By dialing *123*888#, you can do this.

MTN recharge code

After dialing *141*, followed by the voucher number, followed by a *, followed by the phone number, followed by a #, you can load airtime into your cell phone.

MTN internet settings

By dialing *123*12#, you can access MTN’s internet settings.

MTN subscription codes

MTN 141 codes used purposely for subscription include

  • *141*0# for Master Menu
  • *141*3# for MTN Me2U
  • *141*4# to Change Price Plan
  • *141*9# for MTN Loyalty
  • *141*10# for MTN Eazi Recharge
  • *120*668# for Mobile Money
  • *121* (number)# for CallBack
  • *120*555# for MTN Compass
  • *141*9# for MTN Loyalty
  • *200# for MTN Directory Enquiries

MTN upgrade check

You can check if you’re eligible for an upgrade by texting “Upgrade” to 30630. Using the eligibility tool, you can see if you’re eligible for an upgrade by entering your number. If you’re eligible for the MTN upgrade, you’ll be directed to the MTN store’s website.

Rate n Date MTN

For those who want to meet new people and possibly find love, MTN has set up a social networking site. It’s also a subscription service.

The MTN USSD codes have made it easier for customers to use the company’s services from their mobile phones. It may be difficult to learn all of the MTN codes. However, you may find them here. All MTN codes are not required to be memorized by you.


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