Telkom Data Bundle and Prices (2023)


A lot of people have considered internet services as a necessity. South Africans are large consumers of internet services. Telkom is one of the most popular internet service providers in the country.

Telkom offers different bundles at various affordable prices. Here are some of Telkom South Africa’s data bundles.

Telkom Data Bundle and Prices

FreeMe Bundle

The FreeMe bundle is very affordable and suitable for most people. The bundle has a validity period of fourteen days after which you can reactivate it. A 150mb worth of FreeMe bundle costs R29.

The bundle comes with 150mb, 50 free SMS, free 150 minutes to call Telkom Mobile and fixed lines, and free 150mb for instant messaging and VoIP.

WiFi Bundle

This bundle is suitable for those who prefer to use WiFi. It is made available to both users and non-users of the mobile network. As a non-user, you only have to purchase it with a credit or debit card and you will get a WiFi portal through which you can access the service. This package goes for R15 for 30 mins and R25 for 60 minutes.

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Monthly Recurring Data Bundle

With this plan, you don’t have to constantly subscribe to daily or weekly plans. The bundle comes with 25mb anytime for R7.25. You have to exhaust the previous data before subscribing again. It has an out of bundle rate of R0.30 per MB. You have to visit the nearest customer care shop to cancel this bundle.

Once Off Data Bundle

The once-off bundle is ideal for those with a tight schedule. On it, you get your internet bundle every month. It is usually valid until the end of the next calendar month from the day it is activated. It has an out of bundle rate of R0.30 per MB.

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Time-Based Data Bundle

This is one of the best bundles. It helps you save data. It comes in three forms.The first is the hourly bundle. It offers 75mb valid for one hour for R5. The weekend bundle is valid for one weekend which is from Friday midnight till Sunday midnight. It has four options:

  • 100mb for R10
  • 200mb for R19
  • 500mb for R29
  • 1gb for R49

The third form is the daily bundle. It offers you 150mb valid for 24 hours.

Telkom LTE Deals

This package has a wide range of options depending on your needs and its affordability. Here are different options:

  • Wireless 5gb for R249
  • Wireless 20gb for R455
  • Wireless 30gb for R555
  • Wireless 100gb for R109

This also offers you:

20gb night surfer to be used midnight – 7 am.

You get a free unlimited WiFi bundle.

Subscribers are required to link a secondary mobile device to their plan to use the free WiFi bundle.

It has an out of bundle rate of R0.30 per MB.

It is available on the 2300MHz LTE/LTE-A network.

It also includes an LTE/LTE-A WiFi router.

Free sim & connection.

How to buy Telkom data

You can buy any Telkom data bundle of your choice in different ways including:

  • Dial *180# on your mobile phone and choose the option ‘bundle purchase’.
  • Log in to your self-service portal and select the ‘purchase bundle’.

Telkom stores like those available at ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Flash, PEP, Shoprite, and so on. Download the Telkom mobile app. Log in and purchase your data package.

You have just learned a lot about this affordable and awesome internet service. What do you think?


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