How to Track a Cell Phone Number in South Africa


At some point, you might have to track a particular cell phone number for one reason or the other. It could be to know the owner of the unknown number that called you or to know where a phone with that particular number is.

Nowadays, there are various ways you can get more information from a cell phone number. Tracking numbers has a whole lot of purposes it serves, be it security or whatnot.

track phone number

Tracking a cell phone number

There are many apps, free or paid, which you can use to trace the owner of a number. However, to track a cell phone number, you need an internet connection, phone or laptop, and the cell phone you intend to track. There are three ways you can track a number.

  1. Using Search Engine: You can make use of search engines like Google to perform a reverse lookup. All you have to do is type in the phone number in the search page and search. You will get a search result and you can try writing the number in different ways or formats.
  2. Using Apps: Some apps can help you track a number in South Africa. This includes the popular TrueCaller app. The app gives you information on the user of a phone number. You only need to get the app and type in the phone number to search.
  3. Using Social Media: Most people link their Facebook accounts with their phone numbers. You can track a number using Facebook by searching out the phone number. The account with the phone number will show up in the search results, from which you will get the user’s information.
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Tracking a cell phone location by number

Tracking the location of cell phone comes in handy in situations especially when you have misplaced or lost your phone. You can also use it to find the whereabouts of the owner of the phone. There three ways you can track the location of a phone using its phone number.

  1. Using Google: You can track a cell phone location with its number on Google. Simply type in the phone number on Google search bar. When the search result shows up, select the first listed result, and copy the address listed for the phone. Open the Google Maps app and paste the address on the search bar. You will get the location of the phone.
  2. Using GPS Cell Phone Locator: You can also track a phone’s location through the GPS cell phone locator. It’s a website with its database that allows you to track phones. It makes use of the phone’s GPS.
  3. Using mSpy app: You can track a cell phone number in South Africa by using online software called mSpy. It gives you users’ information. However, the app has to be installed on the phone you intend to track. The phone also has to be connected to the internet. You will use the software to monitor the phone. To see its location, select the location button and it will give you the exact address.
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Are these useful tips or what? You should consider these ways to track an unknown number or lost phone. Let’s hear your thoughts or comments in the comments section.



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