How to Check Telkom Phone Number


There are a variety of options for finding out your Telkom number without dialing another number or using airtime. The most frequent method of checking your Telkom number is to simply call *1# for Telkom number check, and your number will appear on the screen as a result.

If you want to check your phone number, there are other methods, such as utilizing the My Telkom Mobile App. We’ve put up a guide on how to find out what your Telkom phone number is. 

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new Telkom sim card and you’d like to purchase airtime for it, but you don’t know what number to dial. You will need to complete a Telkom number verification first before proceeding. There are a variety of methods for finding out what your Telkom number is.

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Check Telkom Phone Number via USSD Code

You can check your Telkom cell number by dialing the following USSD code. Simply dial *1# and press send on your Telkom number. Your phone number will be shown on the screen. 

Check your Telkom number making use of the Telkom app

 You may also check your Telkom number by launching the Telkom App; your number will be shown plainly on the top left of the screen. If you don’t already have the app, go to Google Play and download the free Telkom App for your smartphone or tablet. 

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Log in to My Telkom

Another way to find out your Telkom number is to go online to My Telkom. Make sure you’re signed up for My Telkom. Log in with your email address. Your Telkom phone number will be displayed on the screen once you have checked in. 

Send a Telkom Please call me

Another alternative is to send a please call me to a different number by calling *140*Receiver’s Number#) and pressing send to find out your telephone number. 

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An SMS with your phone number and the words ‘Please Call Me’ will be sent to the person. Please Call Me is a free service that allows you to send up to 5 FREE messages every day.


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