Full List of Emergency Numbers in South Africa


The existence of emergencies is inevitable, as much as we all hate to hear that. To be on the safe side of things, you should have this list of emergency numbers in South Africa. This would help you to get quick and speedy help when the need arises.

During an emergency, which is mostly life or death situations, your default instinct is usually to panic. You must try not to lose focus in situations like this and call an emergency that corresponds with the type of emergency.

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You should try to examine the situation then call an emergency number and communicate the situation and location. We will examine the list of emergency numbers in South Africa.

emergency numbers in south africa

1. Police emergency number – 10111

This is the police emergency number in South Africa. Call this number if there is a crime incidence. It is free if you use a landline but not free if you use a cell phone.

2. Mobile phone emergency number – 112

This is also on the list of emergency numbers in South Africa. It is used for various types of emergencies, be it a medical emergency, a fire emergency, or a crime emergency.

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You can simply place a call to 112 and you will be directed on how to get through to the appropriate channel for the specific situation.

3. Ambulance – 10177

This emergency number is for medical and fire emergencies in South Africa. You can call this number when you are witnessing a fire incidence or in a medical emergency and you need an ambulance.

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4. Netcare – 082911

This emergency number in South Africa is quite different from the others. Unlike those mentioned earlier, this belongs to a private firm called Netcare. With this number, you can get medical health care from the firm.

5. Childline – 0800 05 55 55

This is an emergency number in South Africa that tends to issues involving children. The number could be reached to hastily report issues like child abuse.

6. Child Emergency – 0800 123 321

Similar to the previous one, this emergency number is used for issues revolving around child emergencies.

7. Air Rescue Emergency – 083 1999

This emergency number is used for air rescue emergencies. Perhaps you or a friend of yours is trapped or stranded in a particular location, this is the number to reach out to.

8. Medical rescue – 0800 111 990

This is another on the list of emergency numbers in South Africa. This number is, particularly for medical rescue.

9. Red Cross – 021 689 5227

This emergency number is for the Red Cross. If you find someone in a medical emergency that the Red Cross will be of great help, call this number.

10. Suicide Crisis – 0800 567 567

This is the suicide crisis number in South Africa. If you or anyone close to you seems to show suicidal traits, save a life by calling this number.

12. South African Depression and Anxiety – 011 234 4837

This is the emergency number for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group mental health.

You should call this number and allow the, handle situations involving people with cases of depression.


Even without you mentioning, it is obvious that these emergency numbers are quite too long and can pose a problem to memorize.

This is why it is advisable to have them saved on your mobile devices as you never know when you may find yourself needing them. You can easily memorize the short ones though, so at least you know who to call in certain situations.


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