LG Washing Machine Prices in South Africa (2023)


If you’re looking for information on the current LG washing machine prices in South Africa, then you’re just on the right page. Here, we feature links to posts revealing the prices of various models of LG washing machines.

Life is good when you choose an LG washing machine, one of the best washing machines in South Africa, to do your laundry.

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LG Washing Machines in South Africa: Available Types

Innovation, style and performance are the characteristics of the different brands of LG’s compact designed washing machines. They come in a variety of colours with user-friendly control panels, in addition to the options and functionality you need.

  1. Front Loading: From 6kg to 10.5kg and everything in between, LG front loading washing machines are quiet, reliable and spacious, designed to be energy and water-efficient.
  2. Twin loading: With twin load washing machines, you can divide and conquer your laundry by washing two loads at the same time.
  3. Top loading: Highly efficient, LG top loading washing machines are available in a range of capacities, including 5kg and the 16kg sizes, making it easy for you to find a top-loading washing machine that suits your space. If you’re looking for a more traditional design, the top-loading model might appeal to you.
  4. Semi-automatic: LG semi-automatic washing machine gives only the best care for your clothes. Featuring a durable plastic body that’s shock and rustproof, and roller jet pulsation for better quality wash, LG semi-automatic washing machines help make life good.
  5. Washer-dryer: The washer-dryer combo is ideal for locations with limited space options where a separate washer and dryer won’t fit. An LG washer dryer combo offers a space-saving solution that’s stylish and powerful.
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LG Washing Machine Prices in South Africa

For enhanced cleaning and superior functionality, find below LG’s selection of washing machines designed with you in mind.

Model Type Capacity Price range
LG Top Loader Washing Machine Top Loader 17kg R7 499.00
LG 9kg Washing Machine Front Loader 9kg R8 999.00
LG 8KG Washing Machine Front Loader 8kg R6 799.00
LG Top Loader Washing Machine Top loader 18kg R10 499.00
LG 21kg Washing Machine Top Loader 21kg R15 799.00
LG 24KG Washing Machine Top Loader 24kg R17 599.00
LG Silver  Washing Machine Front Loader 10.5kg R12 499.00
LG Black Steel Washing Machine Front Loader 12kg R14 699.00
LG Vcm Washing Machine Front Loader 10.5kg R11 799.00
LG Silver Washing Machine Front Loader 9kg R8 999.00
LG Middle Black Washing Machine Top Loader 18kg R9 999.00
LG Washer Ai Dd Steam Allergy Care Front Loader 12kg R14 499.00
LG 7KG F loader Front Loader 7kg R5 999.00
LG Washer Dryer Combo Front Loader 8.5kg R8 999.00
LG Vcm Washer Dryer Combo Front Loader 10.5kg R12 999.00
LG Wash Dry Washer Dryer Combo Front Loader 7kg R13 499.00
LG Washer & Dryer Combo Front Loader 12kg R20 499.00
LG 17KG Top Loader Metallic Top Loader 17kg R6 999.00
LG 12 8KG Silver Washer Dryer Front Loader 8kg R25 999.00
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The prices of LG washing machines vary based on the model type, colour, wash capacity, size and wash technology.


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