Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in South Africa 2021


Having a very good laptop is one of the best feelings you can have. Your laptop helps you get work done and so an excellent brand of laptop helps you get the work done easier and faster. Tech-savvy people pay special attention to the specification and functions of their laptops.

People use laptops for different purposes from gaming, to project works, to writing. Depending on the purpose your laptop serves, there are different requirements people look forward to in a laptop. South Africans are one of the greatest consumers of computers in Africa. We have brought you a list of the top 10 best laptops in South Africa.

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Best Laptop Brands

Best Laptop Brands in South Africa

1. Dell

Dell is one of the best laptop brands in South Africa. This laptop brand offers high profile laptops designed with style and value. Their laptops are popularly known for high durability and good designs. Dell laptops are a great choice for your various laptop needs.

2. Apple

Another laptop brand advisable to get in South Africa is the Apple brand. This brand is widely known for its sleek design and unique iOS. This makes it an elite among laptop brands in South Africa. The Apple brand offers users high-quality performance and specifications.

3. Lenovo

This Chinese multinational tech company has its headquarters in Beijing. Lenovo brand of laptops is widely used in South Africa because of the quality of user experience. Lenovo laptops have specifications suitable for various purposes which makes it versatile.

4. Samsung

Samsung is another of the widely used brands in South Africa. Samsung laptops are highly advisable as the brand offers high-value laptops which great visual design.

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5. HP

HP which stands for Hewlett-Packard is one most popular manufacturers of laptops in South Africa. The HP brand offers high value in durability and easy usability. This makes HP one of the top 10 laptop brands in South Africa.

6. Asus

Asus laptop brand has been a very innovative brand. Asus laptops have been in considerably high demand in South Africa. The laptop brand is considered as a good option because of its innovative features and gorgeous designs.

7. Alienware

This one is for gamers. The Alienware laptop brand is known for manufacturing laptops that are considered as gaming laptops. It is one of the best laptop brands in South Africa as it offers users a great gadget and highly customizable experience.

8. Acer

The Acer brand offers amazing laptop selections for all users. South Africans are known to be avid users of this laptop brand. Although Acer laptops have been having mixed reviews from critics, they are one of the best around.

9. Microsoft

This brand had produced a solid line-up of laptops and tablets over the years. Microsoft has laptops that offer users great designs and excellent performance. It is one of the best laptop brands in South Africa.

10. Huawei

This laptop is not as popular as the others on the list, but it equally offers quality and value. Huawei laptop brand has been a little behind due to issues like their low-quality tech support.


The list of top 10 laptop brands in South Africa contains the most popular brands we have all heard of.

If you are planning to get a laptop for work or recreational purposes, these are your best options. Do you have thoughts and comments? Let’s hear them in the comments section.


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