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Community Service SHAWCO in UCT


A large portion of the world’s GDP can be attributed to volunteerism. A more socially connected neighborhood and a more cohesive community can be achieved through volunteerism. Participating in community service encourages people to become more involved in civic engagement and concerned about their responsibilities as citizens.

There are scheduled education projects to help students enhance their academic abilities for 1300 students each week through the education program’s academic support and homework assistance.

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Community Service SHAWCO in UCT


Health and education initiatives are carried out through the Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organization (SHAWCO). About 2,000 students from the University of Cape Town are involved.

32 full-time and 5 part-time professional personnel are responsible for running the community partnership and social entrepreneurship programs, which reduce inequality.

Using fully equipped mobile clinics, this health program operates throughout the Western and Eastern Capes, providing primary healthcare to 5,000 adults and children each year.

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Contact the SHAWCO offices or visit the SHAWCO website for more information on this and other SHAWCO projects.

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