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Varsity Newspaper in UCT


It is the goal of Varsity content to correctly represent the views of UCT students on subjects that matter most to that community. Students who are looking for first-hand accounts of events on the ground now turn to this outlet.

Varsity Newspaper in UCT

It’s the university’s student-run newspaper, Varsity. Varsity is a creative and multimedia development agency that was founded in 1942. The publication’s print newspaper and website both produce fresh content every other Tuesday. One may find the company’s online presence on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram and YouTube.

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Those that are part of the Varsity collective are all undergraduate students at the University of Cape Town (UCT). If you’d want to contribute an article, you’re urged to do so regularly or on an ad hoc basis. Members of the collective are able to improve their journalism and creative abilities. Advertising, marketing, finance, and operations, as well as human resources, are all areas where students can get involved.

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