List of Courses Offered at Nelson Mandela University 2020/2021


We have gathered the official list of courses and departments that are available in the entire Nelson Mandela University. So basically, we’ve made it very easy for you to easily view the subject combination and study requirements that you need to get into any of the listed courses offered at the Nelson Mandela University.

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Courses Offered at NMU


Below is the full details of all the undergraduate courses offered at the Nelson Mandela University, NMU:

1. Dip: Public Management

2. Dip: Inventory & Stores management

3. BCur (Nursing)

  Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Admission Requirements 2021

4. HCert Pharmacy Support – not offered in 2019

5. BTech: Forestry [Part-time]

6. Dip: Public Management Extended

7. BTech: Public Management

8. BCur (Nursing) Extended

9. Dip: Agricultural Management Extended

10. Dip: Agricultural Management {George}

11. Dip: Forestry

12. BPharm (Pharmacy)

13. Dip: IT(Support Services)

14. BEngTech (Civil Engineering)

15. BEngTech (Mechanical Engineering)

16. BTech: Radiography (Diagnostic)

17. Dip (Law Enforcement)

18. Dip: Game Ranch Management Extended

19. HCert: Business Studies {Port Elizabeth}

20. LLB (Law)

21. BTech: Agricultural Management {George}

22. BTech: Forestry [Full-time]

23. Dip: Agricultural Management {Port Elizabeth}

24. Dip: Nature Conservation

25. Brad (Radiology in Diagnostics)

26. BAdmin

27. BEngTech (Electrical Engineering)

28. BEng (Mechatronics)

29. Dip: IT (Software Development)

30. Dip (Sport Management)

31. HCert: Business Studies {George}

32. BTech: Quantity Surveying

33. BSc: Construction Economics (Quantity Surveying with Financial & BusinessManagement)

34. Dip: Public Relations Management

35. HCert: Veldfire Management [Full-time and Part-time]

36. BSc Extended – All programmes

37. Dip: Forestry Extended

38. Dip: Nature Conservation Extended

39. BHSc: Biokinetics

40. HCert Criminal Justice

41. Adv Dip Human Resource Management

42. BTech: Nature Conservation

43. HCert: IT (User Support Services)

44. Adv Dip: Analytical Chemistry

45. Adv Dip (Business Studies) (Management Practice) [Full-time] {PE Campus}

46. Dip Building

47. BHSc: Medical Laboratory Science

48. Dip: Human Resource Management Extended

49. BEngTech (Industrial Engineering)

50. BTech (Civil Engineering) Urban Engineering and TransportationEngineering

51. Dip: Logistics Extended

52. BSW (Social Work)

53. Dip: Analytical Chemistry

54. Bachelor of Environment Health

55. BA Psych (Psychology)

56. BEMC (Emergency Medical Care)

57. BengTech (Marine Engineering)

58. Dip IT (Communication Networks

59. Adv Dip (Business Studies) HR Management [Full-time]

60. Advance Dip (Technical and Vocational Teaching)

61. BA MCC

62. BTech IT Software Development

63. BTech IT Communication Networks

64. HCert Accountancy

65. Dip Logistics

66. Dip: Marketing Extended

67. Dip: Tourism Extended

68. BVA

69. BHMS

70. BTech Agricultural Management (PE)

71. HCert Mechatronics

72. Advance Dip in Economics

73. BTech Public Relations


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