10 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water


Water asides smoothies and shakes,has become the second most popular drink amongst South Africans, scientifically researchers prove over the years that water is very essential to health as it is present in all foods water itself or general fluids, and all these are necessity replacements for water loss daily, either through evaporation, urine, stool or even breathing.

The addiction occurs when your regular water intake does not equate your output as fluid is associated with warmer climates during high altitudes or strenuous exercises and also seen in older folks whose sense of test may not be sharpened.

Here are 10 basic reasons to make sure you’re drinking enough water or other fluids daily:

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Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Drinking water helps control calories

While it does not have any substantial effect on weight loss, substituting it for higher calorie beverages can definitely help. Food with high water content tends to look larger and a higher volume of it requires much you win slow absorption into the body thereby making you full, increasing satiety and boost metabolic rate.

2. What helps prevent hangovers

Unpleasant symptoms that will usually occur after drinking excessive alcohol can be referred to as a hangover. A good way to reduce hangover is to drink a glass of water between drinks and to have at least two big glasses of water before going to bed another words drinking water can help reduce some of the main symptoms of hangovers.

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3. Treatment of kidney stones

Kidney stones are a form of urinary stones, and are usually painful. They are of mineral crystals that form in the urinary system. Have fluid intake increases the volume of urine passing through the kidney, which dilutes the concentration of minerals so they are less likely to form clumps and appears to decrease the risk of kidney stone formation.

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4. Constipation relief

Carbonated water shows particularly promising results for constipation relief, although the reason is not entirely understood especially in people who generally do not drink enough water. Low water consumption appears to be a risk factor for constipation in both young and elderly people, and drinking enough water may help relieve constipation drinking water.

5. Subsidizing headache symptoms

Water may prevent and treat headaches. One study of 18 people found out that water had no effect on the frequency of headaches but reduced the intensity and duration of the headache.

Drinking enough water can sometimes help relieve headaches and these symptoms are found especially in people who are prone to dehydration, as it can trigger headaches and migraines in some individuals.

6. It helps increase saliva production

The body generally produces enough saliva with regular fluid intake however your saliva production may decrease as a result of certain medications, therapies or even age. If your mouth is dryer than usual, and increasing your water intake isn’t helping, your required see a doctor.

7. Water helps regulate body temperature

Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining body temperature as body loses water through sweat during physical activity and in hot environments. Sweat keeps your body cold but your body temperature will rise if you do not refill water lost.

If you’re sweating more than usual make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as it helps to release waste through perspiration, defecation and urination, which regulates body temperature .when you’re exercising only one temperature.

8. It helps in proper filtering of waste in the kidney

Waste is filtered through urination keeping it at work more efficiently and preventing kidney stones.

9. Easy absorption of nutrients

This, in addition to helping with food breakdown, water also helps dissolve vitamins minerals and other nutrients from our food and then delivers the vitamin components to the rest of the body for proper use.

10. Water fights off illness

It is recorded that water has the ability to prevent certain medical conditions, this include urinary tract infection hypertension kidney stones and constipation.

Water also helps in absorbing important minerals nutrients vitamins from food which increases the chances of staying healthy as it helps boosts metabolism which has been associated with a positive impact on energy level.

11. It helps improve mood

Getting enough water can also affect your mood as dehydration may cause fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety. Water is also important for screen brightness as adequate water intake help skin hydrated and may promote collagen production.


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