Most Populated Provinces in South Africa


Since the 1994 election, South Africa has been divided into nine provinces. These provinces vary widely in population density, from the highly urbanized Gauteng having nearly 700 people per square kilometre, to the mostly-desert Northern Cape having less than four people per square kilometre. There have only been three censuses, in 1996, 2001 and 2011 since the creation of the provinces in 1994.

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In this post, we have compiled a list showing and ranking the provinces in South Africa according to their population density. This data here is actually based on the 2018 mid-year estimates.

1          Gauteng      14,717,000

2          KwaZulu-Natal    11,384,700

3          Mpumalanga    6,621,100

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4          Western Cape    6,522,700

5          Limpopo          5,797,300

6          Eastern Cape      4,523,900

7          North West    3,979,000

8          Free State    2,954,300

9          Northern Cape      1,225,600

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