What is known about the film “Predator 6”


Recently, the first information about the new Predator film has appeared, which will most likely be a direct sequel to Prey. Let’s break down what’s been revealed, and we’ll also put forward our speculations on what we might be shown in the next film.

There were talks of a sequel to Prey back at the end of the film’s production and even before its release. But after the release of the film on the streaming service Hulu “Prey” immediately became the most viewed project on this service. And the film’s ratings at the time of release made it clear that the film was definitely a success. Even on the sites live casino online south africa began to appear games dedicated to this franchise or based on the plot of the film.

Trends and trends

Just recently, it was revealed that the film Prey was nominated for PGA and Critics’ Choice awards, as well as 6 prestigious Emmy awards from the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. These awards are: best television film, best directing, best picture editing, outstanding music composition, outstanding sound editing and outstanding screenplay. All of the aforementioned successes eventually led to the film essentially being able to revive not only interest in the Predator universe, but also Alien and even talk of a possible third part of an Alien vs. Predator crossover. But more on that in a bit.

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I’d also like to point out that it seems that Hollywood has finally realised that Predator is not a blockbuster and it never was. So there’s no need to invest a lot of money in it and hope for collections in the region of half a billion dollars or more. It’s a pretty small film and it doesn’t have that big of a fanbase.

In fact, as all the previous films show, not counting Predator 2, which flopped miserably, all the films that have come out since the early two-thousands have grossed between $120-150 million. That is, this is the ceiling, so the film must be made for such money, so that such a sum would allow the film to come out in the plus. And the makers have finally done just that.

The new film within this universe has already been completely shot, and work on the series is in full swing. Yes, and the most recent game on Alien received a lot of positive reviews and was very warmly received by players.

But what about the sequel to Prey? And there are as many as two options here. The first is a direct sequel to Prey. Actress Amber Midtander, who played the main character of the film, in one of the interviews said that she had already discussed a sequel to “Prey” with director Dan Trachtenberg. It was an unofficial conversation and it wasn’t an official invitation to star in the sequel, but private conversations about a possible sequel between her and Dan were.

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The actress has said that she is interested in returning to her role. Something to note is that previously in the Predator universe, each subsequent film has never been a direct sequel to the previous one, with the exception of the Alien vs. Predator trilogy. But in any case, the films never used actors from the previous films. That is, each film was essentially a separate story that only indirectly touched on certain events from the previous films.

But the sequel “Prey” has a good chance to be the first direct sequel within the Predator universe. In this sequel we will have to show how Naru’s character will meet the Predator again, but this time with the young elder from the second film, who ended up with Rafael Adolini’s gun, which was supposed to somehow get to the elder from the Comanche tribe representatives. But suddenly there was a possible second sequel option as well.

Given the success of “Prey” can not be excluded that the studio will launch in the work at once two separate films. So, recently with the help of neural networks were generated concepts of what could be a new film about the Predator, that is, how it is seen by the neural network. Completely unexpectedly, the neural network produced some amazing concepts, which were very warmly received by fans.

What role did neural networks play?

The studio surely couldn’t help but pay attention to it. So what are these concepts? The neural network generated a lot of Egyptian-inspired images of the Predator, with the concepts themselves simultaneously reminiscent of two different projects at once and that’s Stargate and the recent film Dune. I mean, that’s a really cool idea.

I mean, look at this. Ancient Egypt, a population ruled by gods. As you may have realized, it’s the Predators. But when the radical part of the population revolts, they suddenly find out that the Predators are not Predators at all, but people in their armor, that is, in the armor of the gods. For many years these impostors deceived the population, only pretending to be gods and the radicals eventually questioned the existence of the real gods, after which they overthrew the power of the impostor pharaohs.

Suddenly the real gods arrive on Earth and instead of being welcomed with honor they see the destruction and chaos and begin to hunt down the rebels to put everything back in its place. Some of the rebels, having been given the Predator armor used by the Pharaohs, try to fight back, which leads to this “Stargate” style confrontation.

It’s quite possible that the studio bosses will also take this idea of Ancient Egypt into development, and we will be waiting not only for a direct sequel to “Prey”, but also a completely separate new film. As we said above, the success of “Prey”, as the studio believes, has brought back interest in the Predator universe as well as Alien. After that, the studio also started talking about a possible sequel to the Alien vs. Predator crossover. We can assume that within about five years we’ll definitely see a third part, but I’m sure it won’t be a direct continuation of the dialogue. 

At this point, the studio is already at least 50% sure about getting a new Alien vs. Predator film up and running. So perhaps preliminary work is already underway and now it will all depend on how audiences receive the new Alien: Romulus film next August. If the film gets the same success as “Prey”, then it will be safe to say that in a couple of years we will see a new “Alien vs. Predator“. The wait is not as long as it seems at first glance.


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