What Can Be Done to Remedy the Situation in Beautiful South Africa?


What Can Be Done to Remedy the Situation in Beautiful South Africa?

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Solutions, not problems. That’s where the focus needs to be in South Africa. Our country is majestic in its beauty, and generous with its bounty. South Africa continues to attract millions of migrants from other parts of Africa, continental Europe, Russia, Asia, and beyond.

A history of pain and suffering, punctuated by iniquity, truth, and reconciliation. The social ravages of South Africa shall never be forgotten, nor should they. As the country continues its inexorable march towards uncertainty in the face of the pandemic and general economic malaise, one needs to take stock of what can be done to remedy the situation.

There are those who wish upon a star, hoping that the government of the day will be replaced by a righteous, ethical, and just government. Such musings are merely delusions of an impressionable mind. By focusing on all that is good, we can remedy all that is bad.

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South Africa is a country in flux. It is desperately trying to adjust to burgeoning population growth and the exigencies that come along with it. There is limited capacity with existing infrastructure, placing an undue burden on antiquated equipment, machinery, and factors of production.

Capital investment is desperately needed alongside human ingenuity. What talent we don’t have, we must outsource. What capital is unavailable, we must request it in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). But before we can advance such lofty aspirations, it’s important to get our own house in order.

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We’ve heard the ramblings of the naysayers, and the defenders of the current status quo. Truth be told, the system is failing us. Leadership is more invested in advancing their own wealth and prosperity than they are in furthering the economic and social imbalances in South Africa.

The Internet Can Power the SA Growth Engine

We have many untapped industries in South Africa, notable among them the online telecommunications industry. Internet access in South Africa remains largely unavailable to the vast majority of people across our great nation. The cost alone is prohibitive. We have abundant potential vis-a-vis online industries that can make life easier, cheaper, and better for our people. Imagine uncapped, affordable Internet? It’s unthinkable in South Africa at this time.

We can adopt models used abroad where virtually uncapped, affordable Internet facilities are available to working families, individuals, and companies. As it stands, there are all sorts of Internet options available such as 19 hours unlimited off-peak for R250 between 11 PM and 6 PM, but then if you want to use the Internet between 6 PM and 11 PM you will have to pay an additional R50 Rand per gigabyte used.

Unfortunately, the powers that be are more interested in maximising profits than they are in advancing Internet access to everyone across the nation. Ready access to the net is not all business and no pleasure that’s going to make Jack a dull boy in South Africa. There is plenty of opportunity to have some fun too. Online dating, online meetups, online video conferencing, online gaming, and so much more is at our fingertips. 

A classic case in point the huge selection of casino games available to anyone of legal age in South Africa. As we speak, Casino.com online casino games feature multi-million rand prizes on top slots like Age of the Gods: God of Storms, or Age of the Gods: King of Olympus.

Naturally, demo play options are also available, but Internet accessibility needs to be corrected before our people can enjoy all that the web has to offer. The point being, we need to facilitate access to all the potential the web has to offer. If not, a great divide will develop and SA may slumber in isolation.

In South Africa, many people use their cell phones at tremendous cost. Were uncapped Internet options available at an affordable price, we could transform productivity, enhance communications, and save the people of South Africa, tremendous amounts of money, every day. It seems that entrenched industry and the powerbrokers that run the show are too absorbed in maximising shareholder value rather than stakeholder value. We have much work to do friends, it’s time to advance the online growth engine.


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