Method in the Unplanned – Do Random Numbers Win Lotteries?


If you are ever looking for proof that winning the lottery via randomised numbers via the quick pick functions, there are several occurrences to attest to this.

While many people prefer to enter the lottery with digits derived from dates, anniversaries and other numerical milestones important to them, there are also those who are comfortable letting the computer-generated numbers do the proverbial talking.

Let’s start in 2019, for an opening example, when a man from Mitchells Plain in Cape Town won a cool R61 million in the Lotto with a quick pick ticket.

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“When I play a quick pick selection method and the ticket doesn’t win, I never throw it away. I always use that ticket to carefully pick my next set of numbers,” he said at the time.

“It is usually the numbers that did not come up in the previous draws. I have a drawer full of lottery tickets and each time I want to select my own numbers, I pull them out and use them as clues to guess the winning numbers. This time, however, the quick pick method worked.”

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Perhaps you are still wondering if do random numbers ever win? Well, in May 2021 it happened again. This time, a father of two went against his usual manual selection approach when entering the Lotto online. It paid off, as a quick pick selection brought the Western Cape man a R13 million win.

“I’ve been using the same numbers ever since I started playing the Lotto. I usually use my family’s birth dates as my lucky numbers. For this specific draw since my lucky numbers had already brought me luck, I decided to try something new and opted for the quick pick selection method and little did I know that I would actually win the jackpot,” he enthused.

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“My wife and I want to save a huge portion of our winnings. I don’t plan on leaving my job. Firstly I want to pay off all my debts, renovate my children’s bedrooms and buy myself a brand new car.”

A few months after that, in August 2021, a 23-year-old student from Durban was victorious with R3 million in the Lotto Plus 1. You guessed it – she used the quick pick selection rather than enter numbers manually.

“When I found it in my purse. I decided to visit my nearest local store to validate the ticket, where the cashier advised me to go to claim my winnings,” she recalled.

“My wish has always been to build my mother her dream home where she can retire. I am also currently completing a course in business management and the winnings will go towards achieving many of my dreams. I want to complete my studies, invest and spoil my siblings.”

And then, in closing, there is the May 2022 example of a quick pick doing the business again. This woman from Durban won R39 million in the Lotto. Just think how many times that could get a person into uShaka Marine World – hehe.

“As a regular Lotto and Powerball player, this is my first time winning such a significant amount. We are extremely grateful and excited,” she said back then.


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