Petrol Prices in South Africa Today (September 2019)


Petroleum is an important product for the country. One commodity that can easily define South Africa’s economy is petrol. Changes in the price of petrol can affect the nation’s micro and macroeconomic indices in a very big way.

petrol price in south africa

Common Uses of Petrol in South Africa

Petrol is, perhaps, the most used commodity in South Africa. Some of its uses include;

  • Fuel for Vehicles/Motorbikes
  • Fuel for Power Generators
  • Fuel for Pump Machines
  • Petrol for Industry
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Several industries in South Africa produce goods which have petroleum as a primary component. Jellies, pomades, and Vaselines are some very good examples of this. There are also glue-making industries that require petroleum in their production processes. The cost of petroleum will definitely be a cause for concern for such people.

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Current Price of Petrol in South Africa

Listed below are the latest fuel price fluctuations in South African for your convenience to ensure that you stay abreast of your financial expenses.

Petrol Unleaded 93

  • Previous Price: R 15.96
  • Current Price: R 16.48

Petrol Unleaded 95

  • Previous Price: R 16.13
  • Current Price: R 16.48
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Petrol Unleaded LRP

  • Previous Price: R 15.96
  • Current Price: R 16.48

Diesel 500ppm

  • Previous Price: R 14.87
  • Current Price: R 14.88

Diesel 50ppm

  • Previous Price: R 14.94
  • Current Price: R 14.94

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