Top 10 Funny Things about South Africa


Every country has peculiar features and South Africa is not left out. There are many funny things that you would find out that only South Africans exhibit.

If you are a tourist and visiting the country, you would experience cultural shock almost every time. There are lots of things that you’d find funny, disgusting and interesting during your stay in SA.

It will be advisable for you to read up this post in order to have a faint idea of what you are up against. I will share different things you would find laughable while in South Africa.

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Funny Things about South Africa

10 Funny Things about South Africa

1. There are parking guys who are there to assist you while trying to park your cars.

Many tourists would find this a bit weird and would probably feel it is not needed. After parking your car, they help you watch over it. They are really helpful.

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2. Traffic lights in SA are called “the robots”. Get used to this while you can right now. The red, yellow and green traffic lights are not referred to like that, they are called ” the robots”.

3. This might seem weird and still funny at the same time. It is like every dog in the country speaks Afrikaans.

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Despite the fact, that a dog owner might never have spoken Afrikaans to his dog, it will still manage to understand the Afrikaans language.

There have been rumours that it is not only limited to dogs but other animals also have an understanding of the language.

4. The country has more than one official language. That is not the funny part but here it comes. It has ELEVEN official languages.

This is quite hilarious to an outsider especially an American or a European. Thankfully, English is one of those official languages.

5. Well, petrol attendants in South Africa are not employed only to be pumping gas into your cars. They also clean your car windows and pump air into your tires. So don’t get surprised about this whenever you are in the country.

6. The “Just Now” and “Now Now” slangs. Surely, while staying at SA you should have heard people saying those two slangs. At first, it will be so confusing but with time you will get comfortable.

7. There is another country in South Africa. Well, if you didn’t know previously now you know. Lesotho is an African country that can be found inside SA.

8. Get ready for more slangs. “Brew” means “Bro” and “Okes” means people. So I can say Brew, are Okes gonna be at the party?

9. Hampers have nothing to do with the laundry. Many Americans will find this quite hilarious. Hampers are raffle baskets and are nothing close to laundry in SA.

10. Well, if you came from the US or Great Britain, you’d mix things up while in the country. The driver’s seat is on the right side and the passenger’s seat is on the left side.

I do hope you enjoyed these ten funny things about South Africa. Don’t forget to drop a comment below.


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