Rhythm City Teasers for May 2021


Rhythm City is a South African soap drama that focuses on the challenges of youth with ambition in the big city. It has been running since 9 July 2007.

Rhythm City airs weekdays on e.tv at 19:00.

Rhythm City

Monday 3 May 2021
Episode 3606

Mzi is torn between doing what Pearl wants or letting her expose his father for David Genaro’s murder. Suffocate can see something is weighing on Mzi but Mzi can’t even confide in him. He makes the selfless decision.

Zak connects with Khulekani and it feels good to finally belong. But it feels awful for Ziyanda, who is starting a downward spiral. Zinhle is yet again feeling cast aside in favour of a male heir. Zak gets a reality check when he learns that Ziyanda is in hospital after a car accident.

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The chickens come home to roost for Kea when she is fired from the internship.

Tuesday 4 May 2021
Episode 3607

Feeling pressured by Pearl’s demands, Mzi dreams he’s being arrested for theft and that his family has turned against him. He forces himself to steal some of the client’s money from the safe, but Patrick almost catches him. He realises Pearl is far from done with him.

Zak rushes to the hospital to discover Ziyanda’s injuries are critical and she is undergoing surgery. Khulekani arrives at the hospital to comfort Zak. When Ziyanda wakes up, Zak promises he won’t leave her.

Mapula urges Kea to come clean to the Khuses about lying on her CV and being fired. Kea bites the bullet, but blames it on them.

Wednesday 5 May 2021
Episode 3608

Puleng, concerned by Mzi’s withdrawn behaviour, tries to get him to confide in her but he won’t budge. She decides to meet with the journalist, Philisiwe Mokwala, in an attempt to find out what’s going on with Mzi. Pearl continues to torment Mzi and tells him the third shoe is about to drop.

Nandi doesn’t pitch up to see Ziyanda in hospital, which deeply disappoints Ziyanda. Khulekani feels threatened by Ziyanda and Zak’s closeness and vents to Mandlakhe about separating them.

Blossom makes Kea work at the spaza shop. Kea feels like a failure after bumping into an old classmate whose life is going better than hers.

Thursday 6 May 2021
Episode 3609

Puleng enlists Sabelo to follow Mzi but things don’t go according to plan. Mzi feels awful as Patrick continues to assure Donald Dube that his money is safe with them. Mzi tries desperately to appeal to Pearl but her heart is made of stone.

When Khulekani pushes Zak for an answer about moving into the Ngobese home, Zak challenges him about threatening to have him killed. Nandi finally goes to see Ziyanda in hospital. Sindiswa is totally ratchet when she is nominated for a best DJ award and a drunk Kea causes chaos at Kilowatt.

Friday 7 May 2021
Episode 3610

Pearl makes the ultimate demand when she asks Mzi to choose between saving his career or sending his father to jail for life. Pule attempts to dispel the tension between himself and Puleng, but she isn’t open to his overtures.

Ziyanda’s hopes are raised when Zak asks to move in with her once she is discharged. But these hopes are dashed when Mkhulu Khanya reveals that something dark still hangs over the Ngobese family and it still threatens to tear them all apart.

Sindiswa is so desperate to make an impression at the office and bag the DJ of the Year award that she passes off Mapula’s idea as her own.

Monday 10 May 2021
Episode 3611

Mzi refuses to do what Pearl says, but after a visit from Puleng, she has a new angle of attack. Khulekani renews his plea to Zak and Ziyanda tells both Zak and Khulekani that if he wants to live with Khulekani she won’t stand in his way.

Mampho knows that Sindiswa stole Mapula’s idea, and is very disapproving, and things get much worse when the idea looks as though it’s getting traction with management.

Tuesday 11 May 2021
Episode 3612

Mzi refuses to tell Puleng what’s going on with him and Pearl. He fishes from Patrick if there’d be a way to exonerate Suffo with the video evidence but there isn’t. Pearl gives him a couple more days to make a decision. Suffo tells Mzi that he’s ready to face the consequences of his past.

Ziyanda encourages a wary Zak to go ahead and move in with Khulekani. He is all the more conflicted when Zinhle thinks he should stay with his mother. Fats encourages him to uncomplicate things for himself and he later tells Ziyanda and Khulekani that he wants them all to move in together.

Mapula is stunned when she sees her idea trending on social media. She is disgusted when she learns that Sindiswa stole her idea and goes to confront her.

Wednesday 12 May 2021
Episode 3613

Mzi prepares himself to let Pearl expose his father. But, after Pearl’s revelation, Puleng and Pule consult with Mzi. He realises what a difficult situation Pearl has placed them all in. Zak is insistent with his proposal, and Nandi nearly goes through the roof when she hears the idea.

Zinhle confronts Zak and they argue over whose happiness is more important. Nandi gives Ziyanda an ultimatum and Ziyanda responds with her decision. Sindiswa asks Sabelo to intervene on her behalf with Mapula – their bread and butter is at stake. Sabelo goes to see Mapula – a very bad idea, as it turns out.

Thursday 13 May 2021
Episode 3614

Pule is outraged when he learns that Mzi wants to let Suffo go to jail rather than turn himself in for stealing Dube’s money. But when the three family members have a brainstorm about the Pearl problem, he proposes a radical and shocking solution.

Khulekani lays it on the line for Nandi: he wants Zak to live under his roof, even if that includes Ziyanda. And if Nandi chooses to leave, he won’t stop her. Sindiswa is afraid that Mapula is going to tell Ziyanda that she stole her idea, destroying her career.

Friday 14 May 2021
Episode 3615

Pule tries to sell the idea of killing Pearl to Mzi and Puleng. They are horrified. Fearing she is going to lose her husband, Puleng tells Suffocate how much he means to her. He is nonplussed as to where this is coming from. Pule goes to see Pearl, thinking he is going to do the worst.

When Nandi is gone in the morning, Khulekani fears that she has finally left him for good. But she comes back home and lays down the law for the new living arrangements. Ziyanda and Zak come to their new home at the Ngobese house amidst major tension.

Sindiswa tries desperately to apologise to Mapula but she’s not having it. Sabelo begs Sindi to try again and Mapula agrees to a begrudging truce.

Monday 17 May 2021
Episode 3616

Pule gives Mzi an ultimatum: his future or Pearl’s life. Mzi’s choice forces Puleng to come to Suffo with the whole truth about the latest threat against their family.

Zak and Zinhle both have a hard time adjusting to their new living arrangements. They turn to each other for comfort only to realise that the fire of their chemistry still burns bright. Meanwhile, Sindiswa has zero regrets about stealing Mapula’s idea and flaunts it in Mapula’s face.

Tuesday 18 May 2021
Episode 3617

Suffocate has heard the boys’ plan and rejects it. He’s determined to take the fall for David’s death and go to prison. He starts to prepare. Until Mzi makes one, final, desperate plea…

Tensions continue to rise in the Ngobese household. Nandi and Ziyanda still at loggerheads. Zinhle finds comfort in Kea, but neither Zinhle nor Zak can seem to bring their parents together. Mapula blames herself for not taking her chance, but Sabelo still confronts Sindiswa about throwing her friends under the bus.

Wednesday 19 May 2021
Episode 3618

As Pearl instructs Mzi to live stream the confession he’s going to make to Kenny Kunene, Suffocate feels the weight of his son taking the fall for him. Despite Pule’s assurances that Mzi is doing the right thing for the family, Suffocate takes the matter out of Mzi’s hands.

Zak’s expectations of ever having a normal family life are shattered when he realises how fractured the Ngobese family really is. He has only Zinhle to rely on and their common pain leads them to rekindle their attraction. Sindiswa is flying high off her stolen idea. This has Mapula seething…

Thursday 20 May 2021
Episode 3619

Mzi tries to stop Suffocate from going to jail but Suffocate refuses. Pearl visits Mzi to gloat but realizes her revenge isn’t as satisfying as she thought it would be. Suffocate bids an emotional farewell to Mzi, Pule and Puleng.

Zinhle holds back on telling Nandi about her night with Zak, but Nandi can tell there’s still chemistry bubbling between them. She tells Ziyanda about it, and it leads to a major fight.

Sindiswa brushes Mapula off at work but is horrified when she learns that Mapula has been rewarded with the opportunity to pick a DJ for 9-Nine’s Youth Day bash. Sabelo finds this amusing and calls it karma.

Friday 21 May 2021
Episode 3620

The world is reeling at the news of Suffocate’s arrest and everyone is struggling to process it in their own way. Maponya makes a threatening move on Suffo’s family, prompting Suffo to make a big offer.

Nandi is not making home life pleasant for Khulekani, but he is keen to step up operations against the undefended Ndlovu family. Meanwhile, Zak and Zinhle grow ever closer. Kea thinks Mapula should use her new position to make Sindiswa pay for what she did.

Monday 24 May 2021
Episode 3621

Maponya agrees to stop pursuing the rest of the Ndlovu family and takes Suffocate’s deal. But as one problem resolves itself, another one pops up – this time, in the form of Khulekani. He promises Suffo that his empire won’t last long without him. Meanwhile, Puleng tries to nip Pule’s bid for power in the bud.

Khulekani pulls out all the stops and tries to win Nandi back. She is softened by his sincerity but urges him to take her fears seriously. Nandi and Khulekani are disturbed by the possibility of Zinhle and Zak having a secret affair. Mapula enjoys making Sindiswa suffer but her endless nagging is driving Sabelo crazy.

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Episode 3622

While Maponya grudgingly informs the Ndlovus that they are in the clear because of Suffo’s deal, Pule rubs everyone up the wrong way by assuming that that leaves him in charge of the family. While he is trying to inform Pearl and Khulekani of as much, Puleng walks into RedHub as the real leader of family.

Khulekani summons everyone to a family meeting, making Zak and Zinhle extremely nervous. Ziyanda is not pleased about Nandi’s insinuations but after the youngsters deny that anything romantic is going on between them, she attempts to make peace with Nandi.

Sabelo assures Sindiswa that he has smoothed things over with Mapula and she promises him some sexy time later in return. However, things are certainly not smooth and Mapula gives Sindi the run around.

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Episode 3623

Suffocate chooses his successor and his decision does not sit well with the rest of the family. Khulekani and Pearl are happy with the developing rifts in the family. They see an even better opportunity to take over Suffo’s interests while it’s in the inexperienced hands of Puleng.

Zak and Zinhle have second thoughts about continuing their illicit relationship but the second thoughts don’t last too long when they spot an opportunity to be alone together. Sindiswa makes a great pitch to be chosen as the Youth Day MC but Mapula’s ego is standing in the way of her accepting this.

Thursday 27 May 2021
Episode 3624

Pule isn’t happy that Puleng is taking over as head of the family. He warns her that Pearl will eat her alive. Pearl does, indeed, go out of her way to show Puleng that the high-wheeling world of Red is not her world. Mzi, though, has Puleng’s back.

Zak and Zinhle’s happy bubble literally rips, as they discover the condom broke last time they had sex. They reel through all the implications, even as real life wades in on them.

Mapula is torn over what to do about Sindiswa’s pitch and thinks she has time to make another plan. Sindiswa complains to her mother, who puts pressure on Sabelo to sort out his sister.

Friday 28 May 2021
Episode 3625

Pule has Mzi doubting Puleng’s capabilities and questioning Suffocate’s decision. Puleng doubts herself when Pearl makes sure she is overloaded with paperwork. She admits to Cuba she is in way over her head. Pearl offers Suffocate a get-out-of-jail-free card but he rejects it.

Zak and Zinhle freak out about the possibility of being pregnant. They purchase a pregnancy test. Blossom worries that Kea is friends with Zinhle again, but Kea assures her that they are not. A worked up Machilliza confronts Mapula about standing in the way of Sindiswa’s career.

Monday 31 May 2021
Episode 3626

A shaken Puleng arrives late and unprepared for a high-level meeting at RedHub. Pule humiliates Puleng in front of Pearl and Khulekani, who are only too happy to witness a rift in the Ndlovu family. Puleng is set on quitting at RedHub but Cuba shakes her decision with a reality check about Nqobimpi’s future.

Zak and Zinhle disagree on what they will do if they are pregnant. Zak wants to keep the baby but Zinhle refuses. Ziyanda, Khulekani and Nandi suffer public scorn for their family affairs. Sindiswa and Machiliza gang up on Sabelo because of Mapula’s treatment of Sindiswa.



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