Sports in University of Cape Town (UCT)


In contrast to regions where physical activity isn’t a priority, those who live in communities where physical activity is prioritized have stronger social links, are safer, and are generally healthier and happier. Sport and recreation help to promote stronger, healthier, happier, and more secure communities.

UCT has about 40 sport clubs, with a total membership of around 9 000 students and staff. So, this is a great opportunity to carry on with the sport you loved at school or to try your hand at something completely new.

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Sports in UCT

Whether you’re interested in athletics, rugby, netball, soccer, archery or yachting, there will be something for you.

Sports and Recreation provides for all levels of competition from purely social programmes through to high-performance sport. Most clubs engage the services of top-level coaches, many of whom coach at provincial level.

UCT has a proud record of achievement both in the Western Province leagues and at national student tournaments.

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Sport development and transformation are taken very seriously at UCT. Our students are actively engaged in promoting sport in our local communities and within their clubs on campus.

UCT’s sport facilities include:

  • an Astro Turf hockey facility
  • an indoor sports complex
  • tennis and squash courts
  • soccer, rugby and cricket facilities.
  • Our rowing club is one of the best-equipped university clubs in the country.
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In addition, UCT has access to:

  • a mountain near Ceres
  • an L26 keelboat and many sailing dinghies
  • an ocean-going dive boat
  • a water-ski boat.

All of UCT’s clubs are keen to develop new members, so even if you’ve never tried a particular sport before, it’s well worth giving it a test drive. All the clubs are showcased on the plaza during orientation week.

Sport scholarships

With an excellent record in a wide variety of sports, UCT attracts top sports people to the campus. If you have represented your country in any sport at a national schools or age-group level, you could be eligible for a UCT sports scholarship.

Eligible applicants must apply to Sports and Recreation to be considered for these awards.


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