The River Teasers for March 2021


The River is a  South African television series tells the story of Khanyisa Diamonds mine owner Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana, who is ruthless and calculating, and the extent she will go to in order to protect her family and maintain her lavish lifestyle. Lindiwe is married to provincial police commissioner Zweli Dikana, and is a mother to Andile and Mbali Dikana, step-mother to Nomonde Dikana. The Dikanas live in a mansion in Pretoria East, South Africa.

  Skeem Saam Teasers for November 2021

The River

Monday 1 March 2021
Episode 16

Masked heroes  

Zweli has some suspicions about the man who supposedly holds the key to the truth. Has he reached the end of the road? Mabutho realises his blesser train is going off the rails.

Tuesday 2 March 2021
Episode 17

  Suidooster Teasers for February 2021

One more time!  

Lindiwe’s tormentor remains one step ahead of her. Mabutho and Khabzela find themselves pulled back into saving their community by more desperate pleas.

Wednesday 3 March 2021
Episode 18

Black spray  

Cobra is very upset when he realises that Lady Luck is not coming to his door. Zweli gets increasingly frustrated when things don’t go his way.

Thursday 4 March 2021
Episode 19

No harm, no foul  

Mabutho and Khabzela start to panic when their secret activities threaten to be exposed and Lindiwe is frustrated when one of her enemies just refuses to stay buried.

Friday 5 March 2021
Episode 20

Refilwe’s Robin Hood  

Lindiwe resorts to desperate measures to buy someone’s silence. The quest to uncover Mzekezeke’s real identity leads to unexpected suspects.

Monday 8 March 2021
Episode 21

Humble as a church mouse

The Refilwe community are up in arms when they discover the money they’ve been receiving is tainted with evil. Zweli’s suspicions leave Lindiwe feeling rattled.

Tuesday 9 March 2021
Episode 22

I don’t know my wife  

Mabutho and Khabzela agree to keep Cobra in the dark about their secret lives. Lindiwe panics as Zweli beats her to another clue in the murder case from a police sketch.

Wednesday 10 March 2021
Episode 23

Border crossing  

Lindiwe rushes to cover all her basis but will her targets play along? Paulina complicates things for Cobra.

Thursday 11 March 2021
Episode 24

An entire sketch  

Zweli is determined to get to the bottom of things, while Lindiwe realises that the walls could be closing in.

Friday 12 March 2021
Episode 25

Lala Bathong  

Lindiwe finds out that her troubles are only beginning. Mabutho and Khabzela worry when Cobra’s antics continue to put them at risk of being exposed.

Monday 15 March 2021
Episode 26

The joke is on me  

Things become increasingly tense between Zweli and Lindiwe as the two keep secrets from one another. A Refilwe resident makes a shocking discovery about the Blesser that changes everything.

Tuesday 16 March 2021
Episode 27

Where were you? 

Lindiwe tries to work her magic on Zweli but is he truly over her manipulations? Cobra piles more worries on to Khabzela’s and Mabutho’s plates.

Wednesday 17 March 2021
Episode 28

This is for the brave  

Lindiwe pulls another move to thwart Zweli’s efforts. Andile is put under pressure to reveal information on the stolen items at the mine.

Thursday 18 March 2021
Episode 29

Perfect disaster  

Mabutho has a big decision to make as Refilwe is hit by another tragedy. Lindiwe truly ups the ante as Zweli gets closer to digging up her secrets.

Friday 19 March 2021
Episode 30

A closer look  

The Dikanas struggle to deal with the changes in Lindiwe. The Blesser is back but this might be the hardest job he has ever had to pull off.

Monday 22 March 2021
Episode 31


Dinner gets interesting at the Dikana house as Zolani and Lindiwe try to stay out of jail. Tension between Cobra and Mabutho threatens the well-being of Refilwe residents.

Tuesday 23 March 2021
Episode 32


Cobra concocts a plan that could prove to be his biggest mission yet. Lindiwe desperately tries to mend the cracks starting to form in her marriage.

Wednesday 24 March 2021
Episode 33

In walks Jaros 

Lindiwe’s attempt at restoring normality in the house isn’t received very well.  Mabutho goes undercover.  Cobra has found the missing piece to his plan.

Thursday 25 March 2021
Episode 34


Cobra proves to be a liability once again and Zolani has to step in, so Lindiwe doesn’t blow his cover with Zweli.

Friday 26 March 2021
Episode 35


Friction between Cobra and Mabutho threatens their elaborate plans. Detective Tshabalala walks in on something big.

Monday 29 March 2021
Episode 36

Through the roof  

Cobra, Mabutho and Khabzela find themselves in a very sticky situation.

Tuesday 30 March 2021
Episode 37

Partial print  

Cobra and his friends are scared their cover has been blown while the Dikana family is happy to get back to normal. But did they celebrate too soon?

Wednesday 31 March 2021
Episode 38

Til the heat dies down 

Lindiwe and Zweli’s getaway shakes the very foundation of their marriage. The Blesser chapter is finally closed.


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