10 Tips On Ending Your Laziness


Most people struggle with laziness. Obviously, everyone would much rather relax and watch TV than actually do something. But this often leads to boredom – especially if done a few days in a row. You also lose your habits. However, you could change your life for the better if you just got yourself out of that bed and into the world.

Ending Your Laziness

Here are some tips:

Have a healthier lifestyle

Sometimes the core of the problem isn’t that you are truly lazy, but more that you have a poor lifestyle. Eating too much junk food and sugar, sleeping too little and not working out all make you more susceptible to laziness. If you change that – eat fruit and vegetables, exercise a few times a week and get at least eight hours of sleep every night – you won’t feel the need to lay around all day doing nothing. 

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Manage your stress

Stress often leads to laziness – we are so nervous that we don’t feel like doing anything but worrying about it or do something mindlessly to forget. The core problem here is stress and if you want to be better and stop being lazy, learn to manage your stress. Talk to a therapist, meditate, work out and sleep more. Socialize or try some natural remedies like chamomile tea for calming down. 

Don’t compare yourself

Comparing yourself against other people can lead you to think that you are not good enough and that you never will be. But, you should never compare yourself to other people, only to yourself in the past. 

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Create small goals

Big goals lead to you getting tired sooner and overwhelmed by them. Small goals inspire you to work more and harder because they bring the rewards sooner and faster. 

Build a plan

Stop your laziness by organizing your time and building a plan for the future. Separate that plan into small, easily attainable tasks and work on one at a time. 

Use your strengths

Instead of wallowing over your weaknesses, you should learn to use your strengths to achieve what you want. Enhance your strengths and bank on them. If possible, improve your weaknesses as well. 

Celebrate any win

“Celebrating small victories is one of the best ways to keep yourself going. Waiting for that big win is hard, but small battles and small wins lead to one big victory. Learn to reward yourself, to motivate yourself in some way to do more and better in the future. Buy something for yourself for one small win and let the gifts get bigger as your achievements do,” says John Casey, a Personal Development Advisor at Assignment Help.

Follow the 80/20 rule

Do the most important things first. The 80/20 rule says that you should do those 20% of the tasks that make you progress in life first and then work on the remaining 80%. For example, if you are a painter, paint first thing in the morning and then for the rest of the day, once you are done, do whatever you want. But dedicate that time to your most important things and tasks. 


Declutter your mind and your space. Clean everything up so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Then, decide what is your most important task and complete it. Forget about all else for that time. 

Inspire yourself

“Surround yourself by constant reminders of why you are working hard. Quotes, pictures of your role models, your vision for the future – all of this is important if you want to succeed,” says Sarah Walker, a Senior Writer at Revieweal. 

Stopping the laziness takes a lot of work, ironically. However, you can beat your bad habits and learn to be a more productive person by following these tips. 

Jenny Han is a psychologist and writer at BigAssignments services. She works on productivity and motivation strategies. In her free time, she loves to blog to help people reach their full potential.


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