Top 10 Universities In Africa 2020 Rankings


The ranking of the best universities according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings data shows that the best Universities in Africa span 10 countries, from Uganda in the east to Nigeria in the west, Morocco in the North to South Africa at the southernmost tip of the continent (Timeshighereducation). The ranking rates university performance on the basis of 13 different indicators that range from teaching, research, research impact, innovation, and international outlook to mention a few.

Some key facts about the ranking

  • The Times Higher Education 2020 Ranking sampled almost 1400 universities across 92 countries, standing as the largest and most diverse university rankings ever to date
  • According to the Times Higher Education ranking, Egypt has 20, South Africa 10, Algeria 8, Nigeria 4, Tunisia 2 and Kenya with one university.
  • Most of the top ten Universities in Africa are from South Africa
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According to the ranking, most of the top schools in the region can be found in South Africa, as only two South African Universities feature in the top 200 of the worldwide rankings, namely University of Cape Town which is ranked as the 136th University, and the University of Witwatersrand which is ranked as the 194th University.

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Egyptian Universities dominates the list with 20 universities, seconded by Southern African Universities with 10. Similarly, in the top ten rankings of the best University in Africa, South African University dominates the list with five South African Universities appearing on the list.

In the top 500 of the global ranking of Universities, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa all have Universities in that list. Here are the top ten Universities in Africa and their world ranking.

Top 10 Universities In Africa

University                                                           Country                                Africa Ranking                   World ranking

University of Cape Town                              South Africa                                       1                                              136

University of the Witwatersrand                South Africa                                       2                                              194

Stellenbosch University                                South Africa                                       3                                              251

Aswan University                                           Egypt                                                   4                                              400

Covenant University                                     Nigeria                                                 5                                              400

University of KwaZulu-Natal                      South Africa                                       6                                              400

Mansoura University                                    Egypt                                                   7                                              500

University of Ibadan                                     Nigeria                                                8                                              500

North-West University                                 South Africa                                       9                                              600

Suez Canal University                                   Egypt                                                   10                                           600



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