Top 10 Best Restaurants in Johannesburg


Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest metropolis boasts a diverse dining scene that includes everything from hidden gems where visitors may sample the best of local cuisine to world-class restaurants serving delectable international delicacies. We’ve updated our list of the 10 greatest restaurants in Johannesburg’s various districts and suburbs.

Best Restaurants in Johannesburg

1. Cafe del Sol Restaurant

Cafe del Sol’s menu is said to be one of the best Italian restaurants in town, and it’s a delicious and comprehensive look at Italian cuisine. If you’re in the mood for something decadent, try the house-made pasta for lunch, or Cafe del Sol for a romantic dinner by candlelight.

You may fill up on excellent Italian food, but while you’re there, take a moment to reflect on the inspirational phrases posted throughout the restaurant, including those of Buddha, Nelson Mandela, and Albert Einstein. Cafe del Sol is a great Italian restaurant in every great city, and it’s located in Johannesburg.

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2. Cube Tasting Kitchen

An out-of-the-ordinary dining experience may be had at Johannesburg’s Cube Tasting Kitchen. Reservations are required because the kitchen can only serve 30 people at a time. An elaborate 10-course tasting menu is then served to the selected 30 diners, with each course slowly and methodically exposed over the course of at least three hours.

The proprietors’ idea of dining as a community-building occasion, a spark to ignite discourse and community, led to a unique format for the restaurant. The Cube Tasting Kitchen’s monthly menu is influenced by the world’s best-known cuisines and changes every month.

  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Cube Tasting Kitchen (17 4th Ave), (082) 422-8158

3. DW Eleven-13

DW Eleven-13 is a gourmet treat that should not be missed | From DW Eleven-13, thank you!

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Chef Marthinus Ferreira opened DW 11-13 in Johannesburg in 2009 after working in the UK and South Africa for several years. Guests are pampered by Ferreira, who greets them in a contemporary dining area with a menu rooted on local cuisine.

This is one of the top fine-dining restaurants in Johannesburg because of dishes like the hammed kroon duck, the oxtail wellington, and the roasted hake. Join the many young people who come to the restaurant’s Grazing Room and feast on the Spanish tapas featured in the menu if you want a more relaxed dinner.

4. District Six Eatery

As a result of apartheid in the 1960s, Cape Town’s historic District Six was demolished to make way for white residents, displacing many residents who had lived there for generations. Cape Malay cuisine and a lively and joyous ambiance are what District Six Eatery is all about, despite its location in the heart of Johannesburg.

People gather in this small but distinctive restaurant to socialize and enjoy local specialties such as bredie, boboties, and koeksisters (spiced mince meat pie). The colorful walls are adorned with family photos and Panama hats (doughnuts coated with syrup).

5. Five Hundred

Cooking at Five Hundred is an art form. This fine-dining restaurant, which is a part of the luxurious Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, dazzles diners with an array of delectable dishes made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, some of which come straight from the hotel’s own vegetable garden.

The impala loin with pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, and ginger beer, as well as the roasted monkfish with lemon thyme and dried courgette, are two of the menu’s standouts. It is recommended that you reserve a table in the private dining room at Five Hundred and watch the brilliant chefs prepare your delectable dinner while you wait.

6. Koi

The best place to get authentic Asian food in Johannesburg is at Koi. One of South Africa’s most popular restaurants is noted for its unusual blend of Asian and Western cuisines, with two locations in Johannesburg, one in Pretoria, and one in Cape Town.

The Koi restaurants are furnished in a way that combines Oriental charm with the layout of a fast-food diner while still keeping a nice atmosphere. With its outdoor deck, Koi in Rosebank is one of Johannesburg’s most sought-after sushi restaurants; it is largely considered one of the greatest sushi restaurants in the city.

7. Mythos

Mythos is a restaurant in Johannesburg that serves Greek food with a Mediterranean flair. the biftekia (minced pork patties) and the pastitsio are just a few of the mouthwatering Greek dishes available on the menu (oven-baked macaroni). However, Mythos’ main selling point is its extensive menu of meze meals, all of which are available in a variety of meat, fish, and vegetarian preparations.

Mythos, a local franchise, has several locations in Johannesburg, all of which are bright and airy, but each has its own distinct personality. The branch in the Design Quarter, with navy blue accents and a strong maritime vibe, is a popular choice for customers.


Tasha’s is a well-known chain of 10 restaurants in South Africa that was founded by Natasha Sideris, a well-known chef and restaurateur in the country’s culinary scene. It’s no surprise that Tasha’s cafes are a popular choice for a satisfying brunch or lunch because they offer a variety of simple but fresh and delicious bites.

That each store should have its own distinct personality is one of Tasha’s fundamental principles. Since each cafe in the chain is unique, the Rosebank branch has a beige to brown color palette, books hanging from the ceiling, and a quaint wood table with an overall relaxing atmosphere. This is why the chain’s cafes are decorated in a variety of ways: Definitely one of Johannesburg’s best cafes.

9. The Grillhouse

Book a table at The Grillhouse for an exceptional dining experience and treat yourself like a pro. The Grillhouse’s luscious meat dishes, such as t-bone steaks and mouthwatering rib eye, as well as lamb cutlets and deer meat, are made with prime, wonderfully flavorful meat.

This posh restaurant has a rustic feel thanks to its brick walls, parquet floors, and discreet lighting, as well as its geometric wine cellars. Grillhouse members can sign up for membership at any site in Rosebank or Sandton, but if you choose the Rosebank location, don’t forget to join the adjoining Katzy’s exclusive club.

10. Wombles

Wombles, a steakhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, is connected to Zimbabwe by a fine, juicy line. Customers at Wombles can expect only the best quality, succulent beef served up in finger-licking dishes and generous servings from their Zimbabwean owners.

Eleven various slices of beef are available for customers to choose from, each garnished with beautiful pansies for a romantic touch. Located in a majestic mansion, the restaurant’s magnificent dining rooms evoke Colonial times with their striking crimson walls and lavish furnishings.


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