How to Register for Municipal Account


Now that your property transfer has been registered, you’ll need to figure out how to change your municipal account. If you know what to expect and how to proceed, it won’t be too difficult for you.

This article focuses on the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s (NMBM) processes. It’s important to keep in mind that every municipality works a little bit differently, and that this process can evolve over time.

Register for Municipal Account

It is necessary to visit your local municipality to open a new municipal account once you have purchased a property and received written confirmation from the conveyancer that the property has been registered in your name.

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At that point, the property will be transferred to the buyer’s name, and you will be required to close your municipal account and request any refunds that are owed to you.

A water or electricity account cannot be inherited from a previous owner or tenant of a property in the City of Johannesburg. Every customer should have their own account.

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Customers should visit their local Customer Service Center to obtain a Water and Electricity Contract Application.

The following standard documents should accompany the completed form:

  • Information about your next of kin; a valid South African identification document
  • All of your financial information, including your bank account and credit card information, as well as your name, phone number, and physical and postal address; and your email address.
  • The amount of the deposit (cash, cheque or internet banking).
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As soon as the transfer is registered at the Deeds Office, rates accounts will be created in your name as the new owner. New owner records can take up to ten weeks to be received and updated.

In order to register your new home, you must bring the following documents to your local Customer Service Center:

  • A valid South African ID; Information about the next of kin;
  • Cash, cheque, or internet banking; your bank account information; the deposit amount.
  • a copy of your Purchase Agreement or Deeds
  • A list of your meter numbers and the most recent readings;

As well as a completed Application for the Supply of Water & Electricity form with your personal details.

Subdivision/township developers/buyers.

In order to open an account, bring the following documents to your nearest Customer Service Center if you are a developer or have purchased property in a new subdivision or township.

  • Identity papers issued by the South African government;
  • Relatives’ names and addresses;
  • a list of your credit card numbers;
  • Your name, phone and cell phone numbers, physical and postal addresses, and email address.
  • In what form of payment do you intend to make the deposit?
  • Title Deed for your stance;
  • Worker’s Identification Card (WIC);

This is the surveyor-diagram, general’s which is usually obtained from the developer.

Notice of the creation of a new township, which can be obtained from the developer; and the completed Water and Electricity Supply Contract Application.


A tenant who wants to open an account must have the owner or his representative sign it.

Bring the following with you to your local Customer Service Center:

  • Identity card issued by the South African government
  • Relatives’ names and addresses;
  • a list of your credit card numbers;
  • Name, phone number, cell phone number, physical and postal addresses, and email address are all examples of contact information.
  • Date and time of last reading;
  • In what form of payment do you intend to make the deposit?
  • A certified copy of the owner/ID; proxy’s
  • Certified copy of the lease agreement with the date of occupation and the completed Application for Water and Electricity Supply contract.



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