How & Where to Pay Your Municipality Bill


If you currently make payments to your Municipal account using the Internet, telephone, or ATM, you will need to RE-REGISTER your payment information with your bank in order to continue making payments.

Payments made over the counter must be accompanied by a copy of your most recent Municipal statement as a reference. Start by downloading and opening the PDF document that contains a list of frequently asked questions about Standard Bank, the city’s new banker.

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Pay Your Municipality Bill

If you require assistance in setting up the City of Johannesburg as a beneficiary, you should contact your financial institution immediately.


  • Categorizations of Billing
  • Paystations in the City
  • Points acquired by third parties
  • Paying with an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ‚Äč
  • Points for Taxpayers

At any of our Branch Offices, residents can pay their municipal accounts in person.

Call 053-8306911 for information about the Kimberley Civic Center.

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Phone: 053-8306360/61 Pioneer House Phakamile Mabija Street CBD Kimberley

Phone: 053-8306538/46 Morgan Street Galeshewe Kimberley

Telephone: 053-8306136, Royal Street, Galeshewe, Kimberley

Dutch Reform Street\sGreen Point\sKimberley\sTel: 053-8306773

053-8306427 Third Street Homevale, Kimberley, South Africa

Kimberley RC Elliot Kimberley 053-8306612/14 Rametshela Street

the address is 053-8306452 John Daka Street in Phutanang Kimberley.

South Street Kimberley Square Hill Park Tel: (053) 8306072

Call 053-8306894 for Ritchie Street Ritchie

Reimbursement by third parties

Pay at any of the following locations, or any Post Office can be used by residents to pay their municipal accounts.

To pay with EFT

Residents can make a payment by EFT with the following bank account information. Remittances should include your account number.


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