Rhythm City Teasers for February 2021


Rhythm City is a South African soap drama that focuses on the challenges of youth with ambition in the big city. It has been running since 9 July 2007.

Rhythm City airs weekdays on e.tv at 19:00.

Rhythm City

Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 3541

Pearl finds out that Sindi leaked their private conversation about her sex life with Makoro onto social media. Pearl furiously confronts Sindiswa and Ziyanda tries to take the blame. After being ignored all day, Makoro eventually finds Pearl and reassures her that he also finds her physically attractive.

Kea can’t believe that Mapula turned down the Khuses’ offer to fund her studies. She informs the Khuses that they can pay for her studies, just like they offered Mapula. They refuse. Mapula bumps into Banele and finds out that a mutual friend has dropped out because she cannot pay her fees.

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Jafta finds out that Cuba has not ordered the materials or equipment for the construction job. Puleng is horrified when she learns that Cuba spent the tender money at the Metropol.

Tuesday 2 February 2021
Episode 3542

Pastor Makoro wants to tell Pearl his secret, but Deaconess Sonto talks him out of it. When the pastor’s Limpopo retreat runs out of funds, he goes into operation to attract donations. Meanwhile, Suffocate endorses Makoro’s DK transport project in the media.

Mapula decides she needs to get a part-time job, but it’s easier said than done. Meanwhile Kea chafes because no one takes her seriously. She wangles herself an internship at Jamaica’s salon to prove herself.

Jafta has managed to get the construction work underway but is worried that he can’t trust Cuba as his business partner. Pearl and Ziyanda start a fledgling friendship.

Wednesday 3 February 2021
Episode 3543

Deaconess Sonto urges Pastor Makoro to leave Pearl when another story about her hits the tabloids. Pule worries that this will be a PR nightmare for both RedHub and Suffo. Pearl realizes that she didn’t sign up for all the paparazzi that comes with dating Makoro. Sonto later presses her to cut ties with Makoro.

Mapula is relieved when she finally scores an interview – but it’s short-lived when she doesn’t get the job. Jamaica advises her that she still has another option open to her.

Cuba worries about her meeting with the tender official. Jafta tells Cuba he also has no idea what the meeting is about. The tender official demotes Cuba and puts Jafta – who snitched on her – in charge.

Thursday 4 February 2021
Episode 3544

Following the bad press around Pearl, the Ndlovu men gang up in an attempt to force her out of Red. She stands up to them, making it clear she’s going nowhere. Sonto again urges Makoro to distance himself from Pearl, but the negative publicity takes a backseat.

Mapula still has no options for paying for her tuition fees. She feels stuck and worries that her life will end up nowhere. She visits Sindiswa at 9-Nine’s offices and makes an impression on Ziyanda. Cuba is having the worst day with Jafta putting her in her place and Simon relishing the work of karma.

Friday 5 February 2021
Episode 3545

Pearl feels like her world has shifted after sleeping with Makoro and is trying to come to terms with becoming a celebrity herself because of her relationship with him. She tries to apologise for ‘corrupting’ him, but he insists they are the same.

Mapula applies for a job at 9-Nine, making Kea very excited about future possibilities for herself. Kop sounds a warning about working in the media industry. Cuba goes on the warpath against Jafta. Blossom is caught between her brother and Cuba in their argument over the tender.

Monday 8 February 2021
Episode 3546

Mzi, Suffocate and Pule realize the public loves Pearl and they need to mend things with her. Pastor Makoro reveals his true plans for the DK transport hub to Pearl and fears she will reject him. Sonto believes the pastor made a mistake by doing so.

A nervous Mapula receives advice from her family and friends for her interview at 9-Nine. Jafta has no intention of fixing his friendship with Cuba. The tender official calls a meeting with Jafta and Cuba and announces their contract is terminated.

Tuesday 9 February 2021
Episode 3547

Pearl is enjoying Pastor Makoro’s healthy approach to the spiritual life, and admires how slick he is in dealing with problems. Khulekani is frustrated about being shut out of the action, and finds a way for Mandlakhe to discover the pastor’s secrets.

Mapula is freaked out and stressed about the interview with Ziyanda, but Blossom won’t let her wriggle out of it. She returns feeling very confident about how it went. Jafta tries to patch things up with Cuba, but she is having none of it.

Wednesday 10 February 2021
Episode 3548

Khulekani learns of Makoro’s master plan for the DK megachurch and he goes on the warpath. Pearl panics when Khulekani warns her to stop the project. But Makoro is smooth and charming as he goes on the counter offensive with Khulekani, offering him great riches to be part of the development.

Mapula stresses about whether she got the job and enlists Sindi’s help to find out. Sindi gives Mapula the bad news – she didn’t get the job. Jamaica tells Jafta that he can tell anything about a woman by what she wants to do with her hair. Jamaica finds out that Pinkies’ husband is having an affair.

Thursday 11 February 2021
Episode 3549

Khulekani wrestles with Pastor Makoro’s offer. Pearl is disgusted when she realizes that Mandlakhe was spying on her and Makoro. Khulekani turns down Makoro’s offer, choosing to protect the DK community from the megachurch development. But Pearl and Makoro plan to fight him.

Mapula tells Jamaica she needs to know why she didn’t make the shortlist at 9-Nine. Ziyanda’s PA snubs Mapula and she makes a desperate decision to search through papers in Ziyanda’s office. Ziyanda hires Mapula on the spot when she later calls her to make an impassioned case for why she should get the job.

Jamaica is conflicted when Fats advises him not to reveal Pinkies’ secrets to anyone. Then, when Jafta wants proof that he lost the bet, Jamaica finally tells him about Pinkies’ marital drama. Pinkies is gutted when she catches Jamaica spilling her beans to Jafta.

Friday 12 February 2021
Episode 3550

Khulekani is starting to realise just how influential Pastor Makoro is and it leaves him a bit shaken. Ziyanda is feeling the pressure to deliver at work. She decides to distract herself from this pressure by going home with the first guy that pays her any attention.

Pinkies feels betrayed by the men in her life – her husband and her hairdresser. Cuba helps her find a way to kill two birds with one stone. Neither Jamaica nor Jonas have an idea what’s coming their way.

Monday 15 February 2021
Episode 3551

Khulekani seeks counsel from Nandi and Mandlakhe as he is forced to reconsider Makoro’s offer. He makes a surprise announcement to the pastor, agreeing to come on board, but Pearl doesn’t buy it.

Ziyanda has to do the walk of shame after sleeping with Gift and Mapula messes up badly when Ziyanda’s PA doesn’t turn up for work. Jafta becomes a private investigator. He sets out to gather evidence in the case of Jonas and the floozie.

Tuesday 16 February 2021
Episode 3552

Khulekani reveals to Mandlakhe that he’s planning to bring Pastor Makoro down. Khulekani enlists Suffocate to join forces with him in destroying Makoro.

Ziyanda tells Nandi about her one night stand. Ziyanda advises Mapula to reconsider whether she’s cut out for her job or not. Mapula takes Ziyanda’s warning hard. Kop does his best to try and console her.

Jafta goes undercover and keeps tabs on Jonas. Pinkies is disappointed when there are no real leads on the case but Jafta assures her it is his top priority. Jafta is so busy with work that he ignores Candy’s needs.

Wednesday 17 February 2021
Episode 3553

Suffocate dismisses Khulekani’s attempts to persuade him about Pastor Makoro, and Khulekani tries to recruit Nandi to the task. When she refuses, he sinks into a sentimental depression.

Mapula tries to resign, but Ziyanda re-inspires her and offers to mentor her. Mapula is reinvigorated and enthusiastic about the job and a new deal in the pipeline.

Jafta is becoming bored with his stake-out work, and misses the opportunity to discover that the person Jonas is seeing is Jafta’s very own girlfriend.

Thursday 18 February 2021
Episode 3554

Khulekani’s trying everything he can to dig up dirt on Makoro. Nandi realises that she’s his only hope and agrees to talk to Suffo. Meanwhile, Pule uncovers what might be something scandalous in the pastor’s past. However, when they investigate further, it turns out Makoro might be a saint after all.

Ziyanda’s under pressure from the board to land the deal with the new advertisers. But she’s taken completely by surprise when the rep for the company turns out to be Gift. Her surprise is nothing compared to Mapula’s when Ziyanda introduces them.

Jamaica’s frustrated that Jafta hasn’t come up with anything useful on Jonas. Little does Jafta know that Candy’s sneaking off for secret rendezvous with Jonas.

Friday 19 February 2021
Episode 3555

Nandi gives Khulekani a clever strategy on how to combat Pastor Makoro, and Khulekani puts the plan into action with Pearl. Pearl is starting to experience rivalry from Deacon Sonto that she can’t ignore. Mapula is trying her best to stay professional with Gift in the office, but he makes it very difficult with his conduct.

Mampho raises the red flag about Candy and Jafta sets out to spend some quality time with her, but it leads him to a terrible discovery.

Monday 22 February 2021
Episode 3556

Khulekani plays a complicated game – pushing Pearl to set Suffocate up for a fall while at the same time warning Pule of her intentions. Pearl’s desire for justice gets the better of her and she reveals to Makoro that Suffocate murdered her father. He is stunned.

Kea urges Mapula to tell Ziyanda about Gift but Mapula wants her past to stay quiet. Meanwhile, Gift uses all his charm to seduce Ziyanda. She manages to resist him… for now.

Jafta tells Jamaica of his terrible discovery and plots revenge on Candy. Later, he reveals that he couldn’t keep quiet about Candy’s infidelities. Now she knows that he knows.

Tuesday 23 February 2021
Episode 3557

After Pearl’s revelation about David’s murder, Makoro gives serious consideration to her strategy of setting Suffo up for the fall. Meanwhile, Pule warns Suffo about Makoro and Pearl. He needs his father’s trust while not being able to reveal that Khulekani is the one who tipped him off.

Ziyanda is oblivious to the harassment that Gift is subjecting Mapula to. She’s on a high following a successful presentation and agrees to go out with Gift. Mapula is compromised by everything that is at stake for Ziyanda on the deal.

Candy agrees to help Jamaica and Jafta with their crazy scheme to entrap Jonas – all for the chance of winning back Jafta’s love.

Wednesday 24 February 2021
Episode 3558

Suffocate gets more information from Khulekani and is convinced that Pearl and Pastor Makoro are trying to play him. Deaconess Sonto is livid with Pastor Makoro for taking Pearl’s side against hers. Pearl and Pastor Makoro get even closer, but she may have given away too much to Suffocate.

Ziyanda and Gift go on their first official date, but Ziyanda’s immersing herself into him makes her drop the ball at work. Mapula walks in on Ziyanda and Gift in a compromising position. Jafta is conflicted about the repercussions of outing Jonas to Pinkies.

Thursday 25 February 2021
Episode 3559

Suffocate knows he has to make a plan to counter-act Makoro and Pearl. He and Khulekani have their first council of war and brainstorm some solutions.

Gift makes a secret assignation with Mapula and it becomes clear that he thinks she’s still into him. Meanwhile Ziyanda is asking Mapula to be discreet, and she confides her fears with Sindiswa.

Cuba tells Pinkies she shouldn’t forgive Jonas, but Pinkies follows her heart, to Cuba’s disgust. Meanwhile, Jafta also forgives Candy, but his heart is heavy.

Friday 26 February 2021
Episode 3560

Pastor Makoro broaches the subject of marriage to Pearl. Pule tells Suffo and Khulekani he has a plan to catch Makoro out. Pearl tries to bury the hatchet with Sonto who is not interested. Suffo confronts Makoro at his church but Khulekani comes to the rescue.

At 9-Nine, Ziyanda and Mapula dance around the Gift-shaped elephant in the room. Gift tells Ziyanda that he wants them to get serious. Ziyanda admits to Nandi that she really likes Gift. Ziyanda visits Gift at his room and they hook up again.

Jafta is unimpressed when Jamaica suggests that his rekindling with Candy is a bad idea. At a romantic date, Jafta accuses Candy of cheating on him with Ramatheka. Jafta breaks up with Candy.



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