Scandal Teasers for February 2021


Scandal! is a South African soap drama that showcases the ins and outs of working in the world of journalism. It also shows the challenges and triumphs of those starring in the soapie.


Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 3749

A slip up leads to a plot being set in motion to remove a love rival. The fallout of a betrayal leaves blood on the floor and a young girl in crisis. It’s judgement day for Dintle.

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Tuesday 2 February 2021
Episode 3750

When charm does not work on Seipati, a man turns things up a notch or two. Boniswa is caught in a cold war between a father and daughter. Chumani makes an announcement which thrills one woman but leaves another gutted.

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Wednesday 3 February 2021
Episode 3751

Seipati is faced with a frightening situation, but that is not the major cause of Tintswalo’s concern for her friend. Mamba is unhappy when a domestic situation attracts the attention of the press. Layla receives a snub which is disguised as an omission.

Thursday 4 February 2021
Episode 3752

Seipati is manipulated into making a deal with the devil. An article pushes Aya over the edge. A hectic house-warming leads to some heated bed-breaking.

Friday 5 February 2021
Episode 3753

An abuser’s isolation game kicks up a notch and Seipati is thrown by a rejection. Boniswa plays one family member against another. It seems that Dintle may be in over her head and head over heels.

Monday 8 February 2021
Episode 3754

Bohang drips poison in someone’s ear and then frames someone else. Xolile hears something that makes her suspicious about Aya’s story. Dintle and Amo make some rules but Dintle has other ideas.

Tuesday 9 February 2021
Episode 3755

Bohang makes a bold move, and an innocent party is sacrificed. Aya offers an explanation which doesn’t ring true. Dintle realises that her situation is not as much fun as she thought it was.

Wednesday 10 February 2021
Episode 3756

Seipati is dismayed by some information about a friend and Bohang is not happy to discover that a member of his team is a stickler for protocol. Boniswa exploits her influence in order to manipulate matters to go her way. Dintle crosses a line she swore she would not.

Thursday 11 February 2021
Episode 3757

Bohang Javas falls victim to a very coincidental crime and Tebello receives a disturbing insight. Mamba is blissfully unaware that an interrogator knows he’s lying. Amo is succumbing to a dangerous addiction.

Friday 12 February 2021
Episode 3758

Bohang overplays his hand and unwittingly helps Seipati make an alarming realisation. Simo tries his luck with Aya again and immediately regrets it. Dintle is surprised by her reaction to some unexpected news.

Monday 15 February 2021
Episode 3759

Seipati makes a series of discoveries that leave her feeling exceedingly trapped. Boniswa’s relationship with Aya forces Simo and Gorbachev to abandon caution. Hlengiwe asks a colleague for relationship advice.

Tuesday 16 February 2021
Episode 3760

Seipati risks everything to get out of a nightmare situation but only succeeds in making matters worse.  Mamba tries to control the situation with his daughter but someone else is one step ahead. Amo finds himself being accused by one woman and supported by another.

Wednesday 17 February 2021
Episode 3761

Bohang pulls rank when a potential saviour shows up. Vultures circle Boniswa and her survival instincts kick in. Amo fails to hide the one thing that could bust him.

Thursday 18 February 2021
Episode 3762

Tebello tries to be a protector but Seipati believes there is only one way to save themselves. Boniswa reveals a daring plan in which she will play a major role. Suspicious Stokkies connects the dots and makes an accusation.

Friday 19 February 2021
Episode 3763

Tebello ignores his mother’s instruction and makes an extreme decision which could have dire consequences. While executing one daring plan, Boniswa hints at another. Layla witnesses an interaction which starts her wondering.

Monday 22 February 2021
Episode 3764

Lerumo returns to find more to deal with than he bargained for. Boniswa undergoes a ghostly transformation. Dintle discovers her secret is not as safe as she thought it was.

Tuesday 23 February 2021
Episode 3765

Seipati and Tebello are too afraid to speak out and Lerumo is forced to pursue an illegal solution. Xolile’s surprised to see someone she knows slightly, little realising it is actually someone she knows extremely well. Hlengiwe’s upset when Layla’s warning seems to be coming true.

Wednesday 24 February 2021
Episode 3766

A volatile situation is resolved but it is not enough to satisfy Lerumo. Boniswa uses all her powers to get closer to what she wants. Dintle thinks she knows the rules of the game but she has reckoned without her feelings.

Thursday 25 February 2021
Episode 3767

In a match of claims to a crime, Neo teams up with Seipati to outsmart Lerumo. Down in the dumps Cee-Jay is rescued by an invitation. Adrenaline pumping from a near miss bust up, Amo makes a reflex proposal to Hlengiwe.

Friday 26 February 2021
Episode 3768

Lerumo fights against his father’s version of the ‘truth’ and implores someone he cares about deeply to support him. An intriguing new guy makes his presence felt in the commune. Stokkies and Chevonne find they’re not so compatible after all.


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