Suidooster Teasers for February 2021


Suidooster is an Afrikaans TV series that centers around a small shopping and business centre situated in the fictional Cape Town suburb of Ruiterbosch where the lives and activities of three families are in focus.

The families are The Octobers, The Samsodiens and The Du Plooys. These families share their joys, sorrows, disputes, romances, revenge and retaliation, misunderstandings, and jealousies.

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Monday 1 February 2020
Episode 1204

Rumours of Siya’s alcohol abuse are spreading and Danni needs to make a difficult decision. Bridgette falls victim to a crime, while Ty tries to convince Lee-Ann that their house parties are for a good purpose.

Tuesday 2 February 2020
Episode 1205

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Siya finds himself on the edge of a precipice, while Ty and the boys try to respect Mrs J’s wishes. JPD prepares for the press conference on the site of their new development.

Wednesday 3 February 2020
Episode 1206

Lee-Ann tries to put out flames, while Bridgette pours petrol on them. Kaashifa and Imraan have big decisions to make, and Siya sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday 4 February 2020
Episode 1207

It’s the day of the thanksgiving service in honour of Mrs J but she has Siya on her mind. Joy hears something that would interest Nazeem.

Friday 5 February 2020
Episode 1208

Siya feels horrible about what he did to Mrs J and tries to make amends. Justin and Ty want to put an end to the house parties, but Wade gets a brainwave. Bridgette isn’t herself.
Monday 8 February 2020
Episode 1209

Danni struggles, while Lee-Ann confronts Ty and his housemates about their house parties. Nazeem learns something of Bridgette.

Tuesday 9 February 2020
Episode 1210

The new development runs into more problems, but Bridgette makes a plan. Siya needs to make a decision about an unexpected suggestion.

Wednesday 10 February 2020
Episode 1211

Siya reaches a crossroads. Bridgette receives more unexpected news about the new site, while Ty, Wade and Justin try to set things right with Mrs J.

Thursday 11 February 2020
Episode 1212

Kaashifa has exciting plans up her sleeve, while Joy comes up with a way that Nazeem can get back at Bridgette. Siya isn’t looking forward to the struggle ahead.

Friday 12 February 2020
Episode 1213

Joy and Nazeem are scheming, while misfortune follows Carmen everywhere she goes. Bennie leads Kaashifa into temptation, and Siya’s bad day ends on an even worse note.
Monday 15 February 2020
Episode 1214

Kaashifa makes a sly plan and Mymoena catches her out. Siya reaches a new low point but there is someone to help him.

Tuesday 16 February 2020
Episode 1215

An angry Mrs J finds out what happened to Carmen, while Nazeem is spreading stories about JPD. Siya and Danni try to ignore the reality of their future, and Kaashifa’s diet makes her moody.

Wednesday 17 February 2020
Episode 1216

Siya faces an uncertain future, while the Jacobs sisters must decide how best to handle Carmen’s case. Imraan and Kaashifa go and look at another wedding venue …

Thursday 18 February 2020
Episode 1217

Kaashifa is despondent about her diet, while the Jacobs sisters fight about Carmen. Siya tries to help Chantel and Nazeem takes his evil plans against JPD a step further …

Friday 19 February 2020
Episode 1218

Bridgette becomes a scapegoat for the latest crisis at JPD. Carmen is unusually impatient with Rhafiek, while Kaashifa’s nice gesture to help Mrs J gets her into trouble.
Monday 22 February 2020
Episode 1219

Siya must learn to adapt to his new circumstances, while Carmen still feels unwell. Imraan’s parents arrive in Ruiterbosch and Bridgette’s world is crumbling.

Tuesday 23 February 2020
Episode 1220

Kaashifa has her hands full, and Wade has a day filled with obstacles. Lee-Ann and Bridgette are near wits end, until a unexpected solution presents itself out of the blue…

Wednesday 24 February 2020
Episode 1221

Adara is slowly starting to work on Kaashifa’s nerves. Rhafiek and Carmen share their secret with AB and Mymoena, while Mrs J insists on a vote.

Thursday 25 February 2020
Episode 1222

Kaashifa hurts Adara’s feelings and Nazeem gets a nasty surprise. Carmen is upset when they find out that AB and Mymoena didn’t stick to their promise.

Friday 26 February 2020
Episode 1223

Bridgette makes a decision that catches her colleagues unawares, while Kaashifa tries to salvage her relationship with Imraan’s parents. Carmen has an important appointment.


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