How to View your Early Assignment UCT Result


The findings on  Early Assessment can be accessed through various methods, Learn how to access your Early Assignment UCT result.

Access your People Soft student profile to see your findings. While the process is lengthy, it is well worth the effort. Take a look at the current students section of the UCT website.

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View Early Assignment UCT Result

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  • Log in to your Student Center after that.
  • Select a grade level from the drop-down menu and press the “Go” button.
  • To see your midterm grades, go to the grades tab.
  • The class average for the course can also be viewed through the View option. Class Rating at the Mid-Term Exam
  • The averages are connected.
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What is the significance of all this?

One of the following options will appear in your search results:

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Your midterm grade (and perhaps tests) are used to calculate this percentage.

As of now, all homework and tutorials have been finished

· EXA (Excused from Assessment) or AB (Absent) reflect that you did not participate in

the evaluation

OS informs you that your trademark has not yet been made available.

· A blank space indicates that no marks have been entered.

Despite the fact that these signs should be taken carefully, remember that this is your opportunity to

improve. This could entail either working harder or receiving assistance in your hard effort.

done it already When it comes to getting a bursary progress report, it is best to get an

formal report from the Fees Office rather than a PeopleSoft download. This will show that all of your classes are still “in progress” at this point.


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